Stamps coach trashing the talk

Well at least I got one thing right.

That would be your own man.
Remember "They Cut block the crack out of us!! And the refs wo-would-wouldn't STOP THEM!!" BOO-HOO!... snif

How would the refs have known about this?

I think the Buono/Higgins "lovefest" got put on hold when Wally got out the lecture tapes and explained to the media, in great detail, exactly why the hit on Burris was a great non-call by the refs....

Because, the league doesn't have rules about the Refs watching TV and reading the paper before the game. Hey if it was mentioned prior to the Winnipeg game, I am sure the Refs knew about in Vancouver.

you won't see the Stamps in B.C. for the Western Final! haha..

you'll see them in the stands as spectators.

Cflisthebest, don't go giving the western final to BC just yet. There are still 5 games to go. About the only team that likely won't host would be Edmonton. But they could play spoilers. Heck they could still make 3rd.