Stamps cling to #1 in CFL Power Rankings

Think the analysts finally have it down
Stamps are clinging to #1 (mostly based on their sterling reg. season record) but Saskatchewan (#2), Edmonton (#3) and Toronto (#4) all nipping at their heels

Winnipeg dropped an incredible 4 spots (from 2 to 5) and Ottawa wraps up the final spot at #6.

If it were allowed I'd really rate the Ti-Cats ahead of the Bombers but not the Redblacks - but Ticats don't have enough wins to qualify.

Here's how I'd rate the chances of each of the top 6 rated teams chances to win the Grey Cup:

  1. Calgary 25%- they have to get by Edmonton, Winnipeg in west, either Toronto or Sask'n out of east; don't like them chances especially if Pontiff Levi is a bit hurt

  2. Saskatchewan 28% - bit higher than the cowboys; based on some deft personnel moves, Bridge looking like a pro QB, great receiving corps (wait til Roosevelt returns)

  3. Edmonton 20% - not quite as high as Calgary or Sask'n but force of nature Reilly always gives them a chance. Defense not quite as lethargic as Winnipeg but of high concern.

  4. Toronto 20% - Ricky Ray is a master criminal; Trestman is the best coach in the league. Wilder, SJ Greene and a pesky defense give them the #1 thing = BELIEF

  5. Winnipeg 4% - slogan will soon be 28 yrs and counting; under-powered in key defensive areas, lowest offensive threats of any team; questionable coaching, broken field goal kicker, average to below average receiving fleet. Might be charitable to give this group 4% chance.

  6. Ottawa 3% - should be ahead of Winnipeg but can't do it cuz they've been unable to get the job done. Still have a heavy/pesky defense, decent offensive weapons and a tough, durable QB. Of the 6 teams in - this one could be THE BIG SLEEPER, especially if them manager to steal 1st in east from Toronto.