Stamps clinch Playoff spot with the win tonight!

Well the Stamps clinched a spot for football in November with the win tonight against the Argos! :lol:

too right, can't wait to see what they do in November, now where will they end up? I say in the #1 position, and West Division Champs by West standings (as opposed to West Champs by winning the West Division Final)

I think Calgary or the Riders will be playing the western final in BC place that is my opinion! You never know now do you!

well, yeah, it's not like this is the NFL ya know. :lol:

What who said anything about the NFL? Kanga you drinking that funny punch again!

How about a Saskatchewan @ Calgary Western Final? Last year BC could have easily hosted the semi had Edmonton won their last game against Calgary. I wouldn't take the western final in BC for granted this year either, especially with the Stamps looking stronger down the stretch and already tied in wins.

Hats off to the Stamps. If the Bombers manage to make it to the Grey Cup your team is my second favorite choice in opponent (after Saskatchewan obviously).

RW05, you said "You never know now do you!", so I said "well, yeah, it's not like this is the NFL ya know.", work with me mate, fair dinkum!

Hope we get a Winnipeg Vs. Calgary Grey Cup again, or a Winnipeg Vs. SSK. Whatever doesn't happen this season will happen next season! :twisted:

Kanga with that statment I am unsure if I was insulted or not! What the heck is a dinkum! Never mind I do not care to know! :oops:

Fair Dinkum, it's like saying "C'mon mate" in this case. Not a very bad insult, cuz I can't believe you didn't see that, but one no the less.

Wow that kanga language is tough I will have to sign up with JM02 classes in kanga language!

actually, it's Aussie slang, jm02 Can't teach you that, but Wipedia and I can.

Now I gotta go get me some Betty tucker, pick up my Sheila, and have a dad in dave, and then hit the frogen toad, good night! :lol:

Thats see I will give it a crikey here!Betty Tucker>>> baking soda right!
Sheika >>> Your female goat!
have a dad in dave>>> This one I do not want to think about! But may have seen this in broke back mountain!
then hit the frogen toad>>>> Again I do not want to think about this one either! Do not write kids books okay!

Red are you planning your trip to the Peg with your Stamps yet?

No you never be premature on this type of talk! I will be in Las Vegas that weekend I hope!

Right about now I would venture to say your Stamps may have a better chance at winning then you at either the tables or slots.
Leave the credit cards at home.

Ah I do not gamlbe my friend! I have a place down there! Like to visit thats it! A little get away! I will say Hi to Shive for you! He will be at the tables as usual!
Shiv: Hey do you play football
Dealer: No I deal cards and I am female!
Shiv: Oh! Sorry!

Yes please do. I also seem to recall Rider great, Ray Elgard after he retired moved down to Vegas with his wife.
Are your seriously going out of the country on GC week. Man that is sacrilegious and especially if the Stamps get in against my Argos.

Yes I go down three times a year and well that weekend I will be watching at my favorite haunt! Really Elgard is down there hmm!

I was there my one and only time some 8 years ago. Saw all of the sights including the Grand Canyon. Simply amazing.
I heard the strip has changed quite a bit.