Stamps cannot afford to lose tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stamps fans: Your cowboys cannot afford to lose to an Eastern team tonight. Western teams have to win the easy Eastern team games then win some western head to head match ups. If the Stamps blow it tonight it could be a long season in Cowtown.

On another sad note condolences to the victims of the stabbings in Calgary. I hope they catch whomever is responsible and string them up. What a sad statement of our society that something like this can now happen in Canada!!!!

I think the stamps will lose tonight. Bishop is playing great, and he has been throwing well. If the Stamps D could not get to Kerry, then Bishop will have fun with the air assult with his receivers tonight.

i pick Calgary to win because i know wut they can do. :wink: Toronto is a good team, but i am a lil ify on Bishop and he is unproven. :cowboy:


Well Turkeynuts I do not think the panic button needs to be pushed just yet. Third game of the season.

Yes four morons decided to have fun driving around the city stabbing people sad and pathetic. I do not know about you but it is time our government starts getting more harsh with stabbings. Make an example of these four mindless morons.

I think Calgary will take it tonight. Despite being demolished by the riders :smiley: they will make up for it tonight IMO.

I am not too sure about that. Short week no time to really prepare. I will not be suprised they lose this one as well.

That's true. I never took that in to consideration. Thanks for the reminder RedWhtie2005.

What happened to the guy known to write one silly
comment a week, then disappear.

Tonight is NOT a must win for Stamps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with you Eskylo, tonight is not a must win for the Stamps. If they split with the Argos , they will be 2-2. Its still early and no one is out of it yet.

Its very sad about the people who were stabbed, my condolences for the family of the person that died. I hope all that were wounded have a speedy recovery.





Naturally, I am cheering for the Argos tonight.

My heart says Toronto, my head says Calgary.

Go Argos, but I think Calgary will prevail.

red and white I am with you on your point about the law enforcement people and the legal system being tougher on these maniac, probably druggie, morons! And, I am with the western team tonight! But, a loss will be devastating to the Stampeder organization.

CFL Rules!

Ive picked the Stamps to win tonight, I might not root for them, not a fan of either team really though. They have the much better team on paper but they had a short week ( which might be a good thing ) and they are on the road.

I think you are referring to Turkeynuts. Three Rider losses and he is gone for the season. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I believe the woman who died was one of our homeless but I could be wrong. This occured at 4:00 AM in the morning and a group of people were confronted by four youths.

Good on you I will be cheering for the Lions of course!

Thanks Turkeynuts, yes it is sad when four black youths can drive around a city and stab people for no reason.
But really turkey if it were after labor day then I might see some concern.

:lol: :lol:

I'm pulling for the Argos. I can't stand Calgary... maybe because they keep choking in the NHL playoffs. :lol:

Burris will choke.