stamps building on Canadian talent

I'm not starting a debate on who has the best Canadian talent. I'm just impressed with the stampeders growth in Canadian talent since huff took over. years ago it seemed they were always trying to hide the Canadian talent a bit. More dependant on the imports. I felt last night again cote, Cornish, and Arthur played really well. Parker and Walter are starting to come into their own a little bit (really important as Parker was a high draft pick). Tim St. Pierre is proving to be an added bonus finally. Non import rookie starter on the o-line. brad S. was not much of a factor last night but hopefully will continue to get more used. it's too bad mace can't stay healthy. starting to wonder if he is a bit of glass. anyways I am really pleased the stamps have finally put good effort into Canadian talent like many other teams have done. huff always has lots of draft pics

Good to see Cornish back up to snuff. I was really impressed with Arthur and Parker too; haven't seen much of Parker since his CIS days. Walter looked like he might have a future in the CFL. There's also Sinopoli and Forzani, whenever the latter is back. And I've always been impressed by Cote.