Stamps' Browner injury=Richardson having big game

What's the latest news on Browner? Jamal Richardson will basically blow by the Calgary secondary if they don't have Browner in their lineup. Als will exploit this and use it to win the Grey Cup tomorrow.

Browner is good to go. Labinjo not sure! But the real good news is he has resigned with the Stamps. He would be a free agent come Feb 2009. But has instead opted to resigning with the stamps.

Browner isn’t good to go. That ankle is too weak for him to keep up Richardson. Stop pretending like you’re going to win tomorrow Stamp fan.

And Browner confides in you does he.

Nice try troll

REally do you have a source I got mine for the Calgary Herald. Wheres your source?

I think you missed what he was saying, 05...

Really read again.

I'm not the one who has trouble reading. The person doesn't need a source. He was simply saying that Browner won't be able to keep up with Richardson. It's called trash talking, not that you'd know anything about that.

...I disagree...he said "Browner isn't good to go" like he had actual information on the subject...there is no "i think" or "I believe" before that statement so unless greenandwhite can actually come up with a news article backing up his claim I see this one no different than FrankPM's crap...

I'd have to say you're reading too much into it.

Browner declares himself ready 'n' raring to go
Stamps teammate Smith says his knee is OK
George Johnson, Calgary Herald
Published: Saturday, November 22, 2008

Brandon Browner declared himself ready to go; Brandon Smith quickly dispelled any new fears.

Browner, fighting off the affects of a wobbly right ankle to be fit in time for Sunday's Grey Cup game, practised sparingly during an hour-long session at Olympic Stadium. Smith got up gingerly after an incident in the end zone, favouring his left knee.

Both are intregal components of a Stampeders secondary sure to be taxed by the likes of Ben Cahoon, Jamel Richardson and Kerry Watkins when Calgary collides with the Montreal Alouettes.

"By game time, I'll be 90-100 per cent," says Stamps' Brandon Browner.
Ted Rhodes, Calgary Herald

"I feel a lot better, I did a little more,'' said Browner, the all-star cornerback hurt during the West final against B.C. "I got some of the stiffness out.

"Remember last time we played these guys, I had my ankle taped, too.''

He dismissed concern that his limited participation Friday might mean his availability Sunday is really in jeopardy.

"That was to preserve myself," he said. "You don't want to do too much in the first practice.

"By game time, I'll be 90-100 per cent. I'm good enough to play.''

Smith, meanwhile, must have had the coaching staff holding its collective breath when he tumbled into the orange Pizza Pizza sideline sign in the right corner of the end zone and briefly stayed down.

"The doc looked at it. Everything's OK. Two days before the game, you don't want anything to happen. To me or any of my teammates. Our team practises so hard, takes the attitude that every practice might be our last one, that these things are going to happen.

"This is the biggest game I've ever played in. Here in Montreal, in front of 68,000 people.

"I played in the Arena Bowl last year and it was OK. But nothing like this.''

With Browner on the limp and offensive lineman Fabio Filice wrecking a knee in practice earlier in the week, John Hufnagel admitted to a sickening feeling when he saw Smith down on the turf.

"We were wondering,'' said the coach, "if there were demons in this building.''

So Greenandwhite where is your source?

Source for what, I haven't even made a comment in this thread. Somebody needs to learn how to read.

LOL your right I need to read a bit better I am sorry G&W it is GreenRiderpride4ever

Not only you but Redandwhite as well lol.

Ya I see that! LOL We must like you!

Feeling isn't mutual. Kidding. Good luck tommorow, hopefully you can pull one out.