Stamps bring back OL Derek Dennis

Jealous? What you talkin' about?

Yes the key was past 15 years lol and I follow the league as closely as anybody out there trust me and Bo was wanted than but not now that he is done and past his prime , why was Bo asked to take a pay cut than ? Why is your back up a better QB ? There is no way any team would pay Bo that kind of money except the stumps

Bo took a paycut because a, he knows he had an off year and b alot of top guys do it for a hometown discount. He wants to stay here. The Stamps are rebuilding and that is to be expected. So many jealous fans out there in these forums that hammer the Stamps. Ask the players around the league if Calgary is known as first class...the answer..yes. Winnipeg finally after 29 years has that going for them now. Let's see if they last for 15 years or so. The backup for the Stamps is going to be given the chance in training camp. A great signing by Huff the best GM in the league. He would have been gone first day of free agency. Another good trait by the all time percentage winner in the CFL..Bo.He could have got more on another team and quarenteed the starting job.and no he didn't choke in the two Grey Cup loses. A receiver fumbled the ball against the Argos deep in their zone or a gimme Feild goal wins the game. The other against Ottawa went to overtime. How close is that. Burris was hot that day.