Stamps bring back OL Derek Dennis

CALGARY — The Calgary Stampeders have signed American offensive lineman Derek Dennis.

This is Dennis’ third stint with the Stampeders as he was previously with the Red and White from 2015-16 and from 2018-19. Of the Temple product’s 72 career regular-season games, 57 have come with the Stampeders. He was a West Division all-star in 2016 and 2018 and was a CFL all-star and the league’s Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman in 2016.

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He's a baby so perfect fit

He will be back with the stumps do he knows his team chokes in big games with Bo at the controls , he must have given up the hope of ever winning a cup

Well he tried Sask and that went no where then Edmonton but that too was a bust. At least with the Stamps he won West Division All-star honors,
A CFL All-Star & the League's most Outstanding Offensive lineman award plus he already won a Grey Cup ring with the Stamps in 2018. So, guess he is back with a much better team again. Those other two teams have sucked the sludge in the basement, which I would expect Dennis was sick of doing.
So, NO! He hasn't given up on winning the Grey Cup. Just the opposite you see he is back to get another ring with the Stamps. As for the Stamps choking. They won in 2018 when did your team last win the Cup?

Bo lost last 2 western semi finals and one of those they were a huge favorite and choked in 2 of 4 Grey cups

If the Stamps plan is to bring in an aging lineman who just isn’t as good as he once was, well, mission accomplished. At some point younger blood is going to be shed, isn’t that what every Stamps fan says on here?

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Yes the Stamps lost 2 semi-finals but Mitchell had a bad shoulder in the 2019 game and was still injured in the 2021 match with a boat load of rookies. As for losing 2 out of 4 Grey Cups you failed to say when your team last won the Grey Cup! Although I already know the Stamps last win was after yours. That means your team hasn't posted success in a long time. Before putting down someone else's team make sure your team is on top, otherwise you look just plain jealous of the team you are putting down or pointing out it's failures. I could put down your team by pointing out the many failures the way you do, however I'm above that!

Nope! I for one have never said that! But what I have pointed out correctly is that there are a lot of very Jealous Fans of other teams out there because their team hasn't been as successful in the last decade as the Stamps. Getting Derek Dennis back will help the Calgary O'line become stronger with the experience Dennis brings. As for him not being as good as he once was. Well that still remains to be seen during the training camp competition that Dickenson has every year. If Derek can't beat out the young bloods, then he will not make the team. The Stamps have always brought in as much talent as possible for training camp competitions. That's why they are generally so successful.
So I suppose your team operates different. They bring in who they think will make the team then stick with those players regardless of what else is out there. You team's training camp is all about just learning the playbook. Is that why your team is what they are?

Well if bringing in 27 DBs to fill 2 positions at training camp, turning them both into All-Stars isn't finding new Young blood than I guess my team just isn't interested in doing so. The jealousy on here is coming in droves towards my team, but that's fine as it will be even greater after the 3peat.

Sounds like nothing but excuses from a stumps fan. Nothing new. Delusional as always

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Hard to get my head around all this negative talk about Bo Levi Mitchell. The guy is a perfect fit for the Canadian game, has vast amounts of ability. Calgary is not my team, nor is Bo my QB, but he is good. His upside far outwieghs his down side, which in my mind is pretty small.

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Some can’t overcome serious injuries, Bo may very well be one of them. Zack has shown he can such is the proof of leading the Bombers to back to back GC’s.

Drew Tate comes to mind when we talk of coming back from injury. Let's not forget, not taking anything away from Zack, he did have a pretty good supporting cast, better than any other QB had in the League.

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Yes Zack did indeed have a great supporting cast whether they were brought in by draft, FA, or neg list. Something Walters and staff are showing to be the best at right now. Your point does open up some more questions.... Is it Bo who is regressing? Or is it the organization not finding the players necessary to to make him succeed? Or a bit of both?

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Quite the jealous dude you are. The Calgary Stampeders have been the model franchise for the last 15 years. Have hosted Western Finals many times in the last 10 years. Bo has the all time winning percentage in CFL history. He choked in the Grey Cup against the Argos? He had a receiver fumble the ball with an easy field goal coming to win that game.This post goes to eskablows

You're just so jealous. If you have followed the league you know the Stamps have been the most successful team for at least the last 15 years. Bo was sure wanted in free agency by 3 or 4 teams. He also owns the all-time CFL record for winning percentage.. see ya

How many accounts do you have? Man you stump fans are such babies. Model franchise :joy::joy::joy::joy: sorry if they were the "model" franchise they would have a nicer stadium not that dumb and actually get fans

What a fool...sooo jealous

Stumps?? Now who is the baby!!! Follow the league why don't you. Or were you getting sick at seeing the Stamps in either Grey Cups or Western Finals??