Stamps/Bombers Week 5

Wally may be the greatest coach /GM evaluater of talent and recruiter the CFL has ever seen. His QBs that he keeps on his roster are usually able to step in to the starters role on a moments notice. I do think we need to stick with a young guy and hope he develops! It's not like any of the QBs we have cut in the last 20 years have went some where else and lit it up !

That's absolutely a valid point about Buono holding both positions and, thus, not having to worry about a guillotine hanging over his head. However, the Bomber Board of Directors want desperately to avoid having to pay the salaries of even more people (see Lapolice) no longer with the club, so if a young QB can show he has some ability and looks as though he can possibly lead the team out of the wilderness next year, don't be surprised if the status quo remains yet again, even if only to save money. They should know by now that Pierce isn't going to lead them anywhere, now's the time to find out about the others. It's about the only chance Mack and company have of surviving the end of season purge.

Elliot was picked up by the greatest QB groomer in the league (Wally) to be Lulay's backup.

Yes - that was my point. Our GM released him, and the best QB groomer in the league snagged him. What does that say? Mack continues to set this club back further and further with almost (note the word almost) every decision he makes.

I respectfully disagree with the other comments that Wally was safe in both GM and coaching positions while Lulay was "learning" the game. His neck was on the line, and there was a lot of talk of him (Him = Wally) being let go by mid season!!!!! He was not in a comfortable position until Lulay woke up and proved him right, with the final reward being the Grey Cup! Wally would have lost his job (both positions) if Lulay would not have woke up in time!

Elliot will never get a shot in BC and is too slow and is easy pickings back there.

No he's not, he's the 3rd stringer. Thomas Demarco is the backup.

You may be right, but I think old Wally see's potential and will try to fix the problems Joey has. I don't think speed is a factor, it was the errant passes - and if those can be fixed, he'll have a future. Attitude - well that may be a bigger issue :slight_smile:

Splitting hairs here :slight_smile:
Let's be honest, Demarco isn't exactly proven. It's very similar to "Brink / Elliot" last year.

It's not like Elliot is in BC as some young and upcoming prospect. The chances of Elliot seeing game time are minimal. Not like we gave up on a can't miss prospect !

Clearly you’re in love with Elliott and you’re trying to pump him up, but its nothing whatsoever like Brink/Elliott last year. They’re not 2A and 2B, it was clear coming out of camp for the Lions that Demarco won the backup job, no matter how you try paint it. I think it says a lot that they will turn to this “unproven” QB is Lulay gets hurt instead of Elliott who has a lot more experience. I think Demarco is one of those under the radar guys who could turn into a good QB along with Crompton in Edm who I would not be surprised to see overtake Reilly for the starters job at some point this year. Frankly I would love to see Elliott start vs the bombers, it’d be nice to see our secondary get some picks again.

Now I'm no expert on what goes on in BC, but I think the point he is making is that there is no clear backup in BC. I think if Lulay gets a break in a game the Lions have underwraps, then yes, maybe the inexperienced guy can come in.
But if Lulay were to go down due to injury I am pretty sure Elliott would get the nod.
I would like to see how Elliott does in a game this year, and yes, I too would love for our D to play him.

At any rate, forget Elliott, this is all about Justin Goltz, and the rest of our current team. 4th game at IGF, need a win. I feel pretty good about being able to stuff Cornish, but it's the deep ball that continues to haunt us.

I have to respectfully disagree with you, Buono was never going anywhere and when fans and media were calling for a change at QB after a brutal start to the season, Braley stated publicly on many occasions that the job was Buono's as long as he wanted it, much to the chagrin of many. There was talk that because Toronto (also owned by Braley) was in need of someone to run the operation, Buono might decide on a change of scenery, but who on earth would choose to leave a beautiful place like Vancouver to live in Toronto?

No chance whatsoever that Elliot would start ahead of Demarco unless he was hurt or stunk out the joint for a few games. Elliot was an insurance policy for them because the Lions like to have someone with experience waiting in the wings just in case of an emergency. Something the Bombers themselves might want to consider in the future.

Damn, sears out at least 6 weeks with his latest injury. Washington wasn't spectacular in that nickel/SAM role last year which part of why let them to try Sears there in the first place. Hopefully Dunn is on schedule to be back after 2 weeks like originally projected. We can't go a third of the season with uncertainty there.

Maybe they're just getting all the injuries over with now so they can be healthy down the stretch.......

I think he only played a few games there. He got burned pretty good in his first attmpt by Whitaker, and played Montreal again in the last game and was downright great. While it's not the optimal position for him, he's currently our best choice there. Let's just be glad he doesn't balk at switching positions :wink:
With Pendalton/Markett/Wild all on the field, and Washington moving you know there will be mistakes. Hopefully JJ/Muamba can have a good game because they will need to help out. I'm glad Turner is back, we should be able to get some good pressure on whoever the Stamps have at QB. What I'd like to see though is more turnovers from the D. Yes, that might be asking a lot as the D has already done a lot to help the team (aside from last game), but we are at the bottom of the league in takeaways with 5 in 4 games - only Hamilton has done worse. A couple of big turnovers could really help spark the offence.
I liked Edwards comments the other day about him being the eyes for Goltz, and about him being a guy Goltz can lean on. Hopefully our receivers can have a good game.

Looking for a big game from the new kick returner Woods; need some decent field position to start drives. Sounds like Tate might start tonight for the Stamps.

He's gotten a lot of hype from fans, let's hope it's for good reason.

That is really bad news. I really liked Sears, was impressed by him when he first arrived in the league, but darn it has he ever proven to be fragile.

Bombers probably should have kept the starter closer to the chest, much like the Stamps have done. Forces Calgary to plan for both, and in the end be less prepared for one.