Stamps/Bombers Week 5

Too early? I'm looking forward to this game already. Sure we put up a stinker last week, but we're used to that! We have to look at the silver linings.....Stamps are beaten up, lots of injuries. Who'll be starting at QB there - or here for that matter? Who will we have back from the injury ward for next Friday? You'd have to think Mathews & Edwards should be good to go, hopefully Turner. What was the timeframe on Gilmore?
4th time will be the charm for IGF, we got this one! :rockin:

Key will be Cornish, but only once in 4 games has anyone rushed for 50+ yards on us (Devine in week 1 with 58), that's pretty impressive. But it's not enough for the D to just stop them, we need turnovers! 3 picks & one fumble after 4 games is not cutting it. :cowboy:

....If they have to play their back-up, it 'could' make a dif.,,,Although when T.O. threw theirs into the last game, didn't seem to make a lot of difference... Of course we could be playing our back-up????We have a lot of problems...Getting some players back, especially receivers will help BUT I'm VERY, VERY skeptical about this Bomber team so far in 2013...Id' really consider yanking Jovon next game...He stunk the joint out and another performance like that will give the coaches no choice... :frowning: Hope for the best though..

according to the Freep - Edwards likely back, Matthews and Turner are questionable and probably out again, Gilmore, Desia Dunn, Watson Cvetty out as well. Sears doesn't make it through a full game and goes back on the injured list. Poblah ready to start practicing, but unless he shows well in practice he's likely not ready having sat out5-6 weeks. Buck is also questionable and Goltz may get the start. I haven't seen anything on January who missed most of the 2nd half with an injury.

So with Sears out, who plays SAM/nickel? Washington move over and Markett starts in his spot at the half? Pendleton or Mcgee becomes the backup? Not enough healthy LB/DB types left.

....As well as JJ, we really have to start wondering about Sears....If you can't stay healthy for more than one game after being out for a long period of time, maybe he can't stay healthy period....All I need to hear is, if and when Poblah gets back, that he's hurt again after a few games.... I think it may be time to move along from these guys...We're left almost depleted on D at certain positions and we're expecting a strong showing...Ain't gonna happen...Recurring injuries to the same player sounds to me that they aren't built for the game...(see former back Lumsden of the cats)..We had another db a few years back .. Anthony Malbrough...real good db who couldn't stay healthy...On the mend every second game no longer in football......I think we better be bringing in some new talent for these spots...and quick.. :roll:

I don't know who put the curse on us, but we've had awful injury luck for years. :twisted:

I think our injury luck and team issues started going downhill in the east final vs the Argos where Glenn broke his arm forcing Dinwiddie to start the Grey Cup. Soon after you see Kelly come in and dump Glenn leading to a constant revolving door at qb, injuries have started to pile up, and have had coaching issues ever since. Its a good thing IGF has the expanded training rooms and rehab areas, they are putting those to full use this season.

Even 2007 , we were not dominating, got hot at the right time. Glenn injury , was on Charlie Roberts. 2010, we were awful down the stretch and not in the same league as the Lions. We were unlucky in 93, and 07 and choked in 2001 !

reinforcements on the way !! -

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have added non-import defensive linemen Aaron Crawford and Mathieu Boulay as well as import linebacker Shelly Lyons to their practice roster.
Wait... 2 more defensive lineman?! Linebacker we need and the secondary is struggling. Guess both of the Dline guys are NI and we need to fill up some NI PR spots.

Sounds like the Bombers are trying to sign punter Burke Dales who was just released by the Eskimos.

Coach Burke denies interest in Dales; wonder if he just decided to go elsewhere?

He would be no great advantage over Renaud. Not worth the headache of bringing a new guy to get accustomed to our snapper, stadium . Unless a John Ryan type punter is available! :smiley:

You’re probably right. Always thought he was one of the better punters in the league but maybe he just doesn’t have it anymore.

He's historically been much more consistent than Renaud. This team would benefit from a punter, any punter, being reliable and mistake free more often on every punt, considering how many 2 and outs the offense puts up.

New kick returner Woods likely for Friday along with Turner and Poblah. Let's hope we get some decent returns for a change....

Well, if they think they can rush 4 and play man coverage against the Stamps receivers all night you can pretty much expect a replay of the Argo game.

imo, the outcome of this game will say more about the Bomber coaches than the players.

Looks as if Goltz will start vs the Stamps against what's looking to be Bo Levi Mitchell.

Other probable roster moves per Penton:

Winnipeg’s roster is in a state of flux right now, with players hurt, coming back from injury, sitting out a day or practising for only part of a practice. As far as I can tell, the changes will be this: Bryant Turner for Marquis Frazier; Wesley Pendleton for Johnny Sears; Kito Poblah for Brett Carter; Aaron Woods for Will Ford; Carl Volny in for someone, maybe Carl Fitzgerald. And possibly Freddie Harris for Dexter Davis.

Will be a interesting game with two young QB's getting their pro starts. Winnipeg will be better this week, how much we will see ?

I'm looking forward to seeing Goltz but I'm not expecting miracles, just want to see some promise.

I really wish Mack and the Coaches would stop hanging their hopes on Buck and make the commitment to someone new.

It took Lulay 12+ games (as a starter) before he started to win on a regular basis. If he were in Winnipeg during that time - he would have been sent packing! The greatest QB groomer in the league (Wally) saw what Lulay had and put his neck on the line for him! He also saw the writing on the wall for Buck and released him several years earlier. Oh yeah - where's Elliot now?

You're bang on about Lulay, he would likely have been sent packing had he been in Winnipeg. Choose your future starter and let him play for a while before writing him off. If they're that bad you need to release them after a few starts, then your scouting and coaching staffs aren't very good. Let Goltz have the rest of the season and see if he's the guy to lead you into the future.

Couple of big differences between the BC situation with Lulay and Winnipeg with Goltz. The main one - Buono was GM and head coach of BC and had job security which makes it a whole lot easier to live with the ups and downs of a young QB. Mack, Burke, and co. don’t have that luxury because a poor showing in 2013 by the Bombers means Mack is likely finished as GM. If Mack is let go, chances are Burke and many if not all the other coaches are sent packing as any new GM will probably hire his own staff. The bombers and Goltz may be further ahead in 2014 if he starts all the games to finish this year, but if he only manages a 6 or 7 win season, people will be out of a job. Goltz now has his foot in the door to start changing their minds and earn their trust. Mistakes are to be expected, but if he does more to help than hurt the team, and especially if he wins, he can make it harder for them to not play him.