Stamps Bombers Thread

Nice Short kick by Peg

Bombers coming out of Gate Fast

3-0 Peg

2 and out for Stamps what wrong with Grey cup Champs

Bombers looking good .. I thought stamps would walk in this

10-0 Bombers Holy Sh** :x

Edwards has Armstrong's gloves and shows them to Camera
Wounder what Kelly will think of that

10-3 Peg

Since I am only 1 posting .. I am going end the thread here. :thdn:

Hope the Stamps play like that against us.

The Return of Bad Hank /Good Hank Past Two Games

....quite simply ....we took them apart....guess we got you guys next... :wink: it is wise never to under-estimate... :wink:

yup in our house We EAT EM RAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin:


Calgary HANDED the Bummers that game....