Stamps, Bombers Injury Reports: Hakunavanhu, Logan miss practice on Tue.

TORONTO — The Calgary Stampeders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers have shared their injury reports ahead of their game on Friday, July 7 at IG Field.

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To O’Shea "QUESTIONABLE " means available and ready to play. “Doubtful” means what other teams call “QUESTIONABLE” = May be available to play.

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But having Begelton as full practice all week and still QUESTIONABLE is better, right?
Even better is the 5 guys your team has with no update at all.

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HA! HA! HA! Time to educate a Bomber fan , I guess!

Begelton was interviewed and his injury is ribs. Dickenson said he would only be playing if the Doctors passed him and he felt comfortable playing. So QUESTIONALABLE is correct until doctors say

As for the other 5 players with a dash at the end of the Row, every team (except Bombers) indicate it that way for a player who is ready to play next game (no guarantee they play but ready )

If a player is too injured he is indicated (by all teams except Bombers) as “OUT”

The Bombers every week show QUESTIONABLE for every player on the list, then they appear on the game depth chart. O’Shea does not indicate like the other teams when a player is ready.

Last week every player on the list (about 10 of them)was listed Questionable but only 2 didn’t appear on depth chart. They were Put on practice roster

This week same thing except one is listed as doubtful. (That could mean he may not play or it could mean something else )

I guess O’Shea has doubts in his team because he tries to disguise who might play, thinking the opponent might plan their game around who plays for Bombers.

O’Shea doesn’t understand teams play their game plan without regards to Bomber roster. (A fact )

That was pretty detailed so I hope you were able to follow and understand.

Ahhh, so questionable is correct when the Stamps do it, but not when the Bombers do.
The air must be a little thin there.

I think it’s more a case of rival fan looking hard for something to complain about.

For the record, it seems we do not list our 6 gamers as out. We have a total of 8 players on this list, including Gauthier.

I had thoughts near the end of my last post that people from Winnipeg would find it hard to understand facts with logic. Apparently I was right.
Bombers always list all their players with slight injuries as Questionable ! They are ready to play but O’Shea list them as Questionable. I see that FACT every week and even last year. If he was accurate and honest he wouldn’t have any final entry like every other team.
Begelton is questionable until the Doctor says he can play. The Stamps ALWAYS post accurate and true status. Before the Game the Doctor will advise and the decision will be made. (hey, Dickenson still could decide to wait) That is called QUESTIONABLE. Because it is dependant upon a Doctor giving the go-ahead. I have NEVER seen other teams that post differently except the Bombers.
O’Shea posts garbage in a vain attempt to confuse others. He is supposed to post real and accurate injury reports like every other team.
Like I said last week everyone one of the 10 players on the Bomber injury list were listed Questionable yet they all (except 2 rookies) played the game. I am positive they all were not waiting for a Doctor approval. Instead I call O’Shea a liar with his deceitful postings.
As for those on the 6 game injury list … no team list them. Why would they, just for your info … they are out for 6 games (or until further notice) everyone (except Some Bomber fans) know that. So no reason to report.
When a player is listed as OUT on this injury list it is because it was decided the injury still exists for that game only and that player will not be playing the upcoming game.
See how O’Shea’s lies have you confused?
I started this chain by simply explaining O’Shea’s injury postings (see my postings 3 up) so everyone would understand . Interesting that ONLY a Bomber Fan argues the explanation. Is there a lot of wild fire smoke in your area?

Yup, only Calgary has doctors I guess.
You heard it here first, boys :face_with_spiral_eyes:
Maybe as an older team, players get nicked and are game time decisions. I have no idea why some fans get so riled up about a freaking WORD

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With all the injuries at DB (Rose, Lawrence, Parker), the silver lining is guys like Holm & Swaray showing they belong.

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Holm is a keeper that’s for sure, not that impressed with Nichols’ tackling though.

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What’s doubtful is a Stamps victory today.
Questionable… The way the so called gurus of the CFL (Huff and Dik) are running their team. Every year they make their way closer to the basement of the West.
Out… The Stamps and a playoff game this season.

Unfortunately I believe this is mostly correct.

Dickenson has lost his touch and couple that with a serious of bad luck injuries

And the Stampeders are disappointing us fans



I’ve seen too many failed tackles when a guy thinks he’s going to make a statement “big hit” instead of wrapping the opponent up and taking him down.

In reading this thread after the game they just mentioned that Nichols had three tackles for a loss tonight. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, but he was directly responsible for the Stamps field goal and touchdown. The field goal was a result of his blocking penalty that took the Bombers from their 50 year line to their 10 and resulted in horrible field position and thence the field goal. Then there was his PI penalty that negated a great play by Holm in the end zone and gave the Stamps another crack at getting into the end zone.

I don’t recall his penalty but I’ll take your word for it.

The other thing is that he’s the best db in the league in my opinion. Didn’t see any passes completed to his man for the second week in a row. I think only one pass over 20 yards completed against him in the last two years. In fact not many passes are thrown to whomever he’s covering as they usually aren’t open. He may not be the best tackled but he’s an awesome cover guy.