Stamps-Blue Team Game Thread (July 12)

Hi folks,

I'm going to be watching the game out on my balcony, but I thought I would start a thread about it here.

It's 7:11 and the pre-game show is on TSN right now.

I'll be contributing periodically with updates, but otherwise I'm going to enjoy a beautiful Montreal evening to sit outside!

Go Stamps! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Russ, please don't swear in your thread titles. I like MINE much better... :wink:

Has Pinball been donating his paycheque to the referees this past 2 weeks?

TD argos....

jamel white is a beast, 5'9'' 230 lbs. and he is fast, jamel and jesse would have been a nice 1-2 punch, with corey playing on the outside.

FG Prefontaine

10-0 Toronto

10-0 Toronto, end of the 1st quarter.

Calgary is lucky to be in this game still...

Why does the CAW advertise?

Good point. Russ, can you take the swear word out of the title of this thread please?

Better? LOL

BRUTAL fumble by Burris!


had the stamps not opened the season against the ticats, theyd be 0-3

17-0 Evil Incarnate.

Thank you.

The blue team is looking good out of season's gate.

Damon should accept his fate, retire, and celebrate an outstanding career. Bishop has it going on.

Pretty tough crowd in here ... what a FR-Eakin catch by Miles !!

NO mention of the Young pasting of White, either ?

Wow, Burris remains the perennial ENIGMA ...

Bishop’s Hall of Fame induction by Rod Black is on hold LMAO :wink:

This will be interesting.

Belli must have been involved somehow.

There's going to be some ejections. I saw a Stamps coach throw a punch...*

Actually, it was a Stamps personnel guy throwing something at Bishop!

Although there have been some pretty decent performances by a few players tonight - the number of TO's is getting a bit rediculous ...

No ejections -- surprised!

water bottle.

argos are DOMINATING…stamps might miss the playoffs, at this rate.