Stamps Blew a Golden Opportunity!!!

:cowboy: The Stamps really blew it!!!

They have the superior team on paper and could have hosted both the Western Final and Grey Cup. What a festive atmopshere leading up to the Grey Cup. Instead they are in danger of being ousted in the semi-final or worse in Regina deflating all the enthusiasm in Cowtown for the Grey Cup. Too bad Stamps fans - your team had it there for the taking.
Like the old saying goes sometimes great teams on paper don't translate to great teams in practise.

Go Riders Go
Western Conference Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thup: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

...can't argue with that...

Maybe they're just trying to make things interesting... :wink: Nah... They won't make it by the Esks. :twisted:

Burris, Nik Lewis and Company have just shown they are not that good and I personally agree with Chief I quite seriously predict an Eskimo Stomping of the Stumps next week.

well, as long as they beat each other up, knock a few teeth out and come walking in limping, I don't care who wins :smiley:

Don't worry we have allready beat you twice in your house this year we are coming for the third and with the way we are playing we could easily beat the Riders as well.


...not that good huh?...well, they are the current champions in case you forgot, and beat your team 3 out of four games this year...I'm going to laugh if your 'serious prediction' falls flat...

Ya, Calgary over contest

These western playoff games could get pretty interesting. Anyone can win. The Esks have addressed a lot of the problems that Calgary exploited in that last minute win via Copeland and the Esks shot themselves in the foot early in the last game. It's gonna be a good show next sunday. I'm stoked. All three of these teams are so closely matched, it will be very, very interesting. If the Esks do win in Calgary, they'd have a lot of confidence going into Saskachewan who had a week to get comfy with their first division title since 1976, might go to their head... might not. Esks also won 2 playoff games on the road to get the 2005 Grey Cup. Weirder stuff has happened...

Henry "Why didn't I get a MOP" Burris and Nicole "I want my mommy" Lewis have never truly proved they are the best in the league they are good but that is all. If I knew you I would bet cash that we will beat you next week.

I say get over it and move on! :wink:

…gee, where I’m from a GC means best in the league…not sure what you use as a measuring stick…nice ncknames too, are you like six years old or something Dan?.. :roll:

I would have thought that too, but it didn't seem that way last year when the Riders were defending champs and 6-0 and still got no respect.