'nUFF SAID! :cowboy: :rockin:


i'm pretty sure the Stamps are aware that the Riders are desperate,

but they're not so scared of it. they'll be prepared.

I'd be more concerned about our own team there Turkey.

our team doesn't exactly shine of confidence and power.

I wanna know by how many points they beat us by...?

Calgary Stampeders do;

F. Face
E. Every
A. Aspect (About)
R. Reality...... and that is;

Flicker,flicker,flicker.........POW.....POW.......Show it to me. Go Stamps Go :rockin:

I say Turkey is the nervous one, not only for his fragile Sliders but also his own neck. Ya see thanksgiving is coming and Turkey is on the menu :lol: watch yer giblet there Turkey hahaha

the biggest fear is getting out of town in one piece after daring to beat the riders in regina.

With the way the riders have been playing I don't see them getting the win tonight.I pray I'm wrong as a riderfan but only time will tell.

The Riders have all the tools to play well. This is why as a Stamp fan I will not beak off about winning hands down. If the Riders show up I expect a hard fought game.

The Riders have yet to lose a game at home. I expect nothing to change.

Calgary has yet to lose a game on the road. I expect nothing to change. :wink:


Calgary Lost in Toronto

Calgary will play a stinker somewhere along the way, I just don't expect tonight to be the time.

I would be more inclined to think it would happen on November 21.

5-0 against 4-1. It'll be interesting.