STAMPS beat MONTREAL on the last play!

I'd still like to know what Calgary hasn't proven themselves "worthy" of.
Worthy of beating Montreal?
Worthy of playing in the CFL?
Worthy of celebrating?
Worthy of a 5-4 record?
I don't get it.

Calgary is a good team...Montreal apparantly hasn't played a real team yet..blah blah blah...Don't even bother.... :roll: :roll:

HT, there is no black and white answer to that one. It could be either. A QB can make a great throw, and the DB just makes a better play. In that case, it is great play by the DB. A QB can also try and force a throw into triple coverage, and get it picked off. That is an offensive mistake. But a ballcarrier keeping one hand on the ball when there is going to be contact is inexcusable.

Good point :thup:

Calgary wins the game and ends Montreal's unbeaten streak, that's all that matters!!

DeAngelis is AWESOME!!

you should be because CALGARY is only 1 of 4 CFL teams to be over the .500 mark. :thup:

And hell , celebrate , that was an exciting , fantastic win tonight against a former undefeated CFL team. :thup: :wink:

If we were going to lose to a team, I am glad it was Calgary. I am also glad that despite turning the ball over three times, taking some really bad penalties, and not having any bounces go our way, it still took a last second 53 yard field goal to beat us. But what I am most glad about is that this loss should make our team hungry. It should be a wake up call that you can't make stupid mistakes.

Stamps won, end of story, Als are proven to be beatable even by a struggling team, congrats Stamps you have the same record as the Bombers......:slight_smile:

I wasn’t trying to go there. Third And Ten said that Calgary still hasn’t proven they’re “worthy” despite this victory. I’m wondering what he thinks they’re not worthy of.

See, if someone would've told me that we'd be even with Winnipeg at the mid-season mark, I'd have been SO choked.

good game calgary as they find a way to come out with the W in the end..oh and what a great catch by thurman..looked kinda painful, and im sure some other players would have dropped that ball

and was it just me, or did it seem that this game had the type of atmosphere that u see when watching a game in october and november?


That is what I meant too Calgary is the worthy need to even pay attention to those types os posts(third and ten) from fans who do not know whaat they are talking about lol

I couldn't agree more. Very tough victory, and needed some help to get it, maybe.. without that penalty on the punt return with 20 seconds left, maybe we can't get into kick range at all. If I'm Montreal's next opponent, I'd be very worried. And I'll be very worried when we go to Montreal in two weeks... I still predict we get a split out of the series.. but it'll be hard fought.

Agree with you Alsall the Way if it had to be any team..I would definately want it to be Calgary due to the fact, I am a fan of Hank Burris...a true gentleman on and off the field....

um, guys, would that have been the friust game to go into OT this season?


thank you.

YVW :lol:

i just finished watching the game early thismorning ( i was falling asleep last nite at the half and taped the rest ).

WHAT A 2ND HALF!!!....congrats stamps, u didnt give up and played with alot of heart.

nice to see copeland's TD dance again...its been awhile.

playoff type feel to the game, as neither team wanted to back down in this one.

To the Als fans that took this loss with grace,
hell of a game and good luck in two weeks.

To turd the big baby, you missed one.

Calgary got lucky when we cut Sandro.

:cowboy: :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy: