Stamps at Ticats PBP Thread

Well, since somebody asked, and nobody bothered to step up, i'm starting this thread again.

My concerns with the O-line (and, to a certain extent, the receivers) are well documented. I don't care WHAT QB is under Centre (a backup Guard moving over for his first Pro start at the position), but with this line, unless they pull off a miracle, that QB will suffer more sacks than he completes passes (I wish I was joking).

Let's see what happens...


Regarding the enemy's offense and our D, we got to contain the elusive and slippery Ka'Deem Carey, and hurry the "footloose" Bo diddly-squat.

Uh… TSN pregame show and not talking about the game?

Talking about the inductees into CFL hall of fame. Hopefully one day it will
a Ti-Cat quarterback who played two ways and punted also. Grey Cup wins.
Joe Zuger.

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Nik Lewis looks like he could still play

Amen to that one brother. Had to have been Braley that kept him out for whatever reason. Played linebacker in the 1964 Grey Cup and went on to manage the team. Big omission.

If we play like the last game we will lose. To win this game someone has to stepup
and inspire this team.

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Good opening play by ST-E.

Prediction: 25 -17 Cats

I'm an optomist.

Edit: 22 to go.

Edit: 16 to go.

Edit: 8 to go.

Edit: 1 to go.

Edit: A touchdown remains for Calgary and a rogue for Hamilton.

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Domagala for 3

We need to exchange field goals for TD's. Then we are a good team.

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D held. Punt time

Wind report anyone? @Mark i need your input...
Looks fairly brisk on that punt - got the extra 15 on the NY call on the return...

Papii White with a beauty pass he can't manage to hang on to

Dane's passes so far: crisp, hard, on time, on target, receivers don't have to make circus catches, actually completes screen passes

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P White can't catch like T White, he is meaning a runner.

Is the screen kinda cut off for anyone else watching ??

He's a professional receiver. No excuse. If people are going to rip Acklin for the tipped, late, behind TD pass...

Great D

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Not that I can tell, no. Looks normal for me on TSN 1.

Edit: Great screen name by the way. I'm generally on a prescription of Gibsons or Crown during a CFL game. :slight_smile: