Stamps at the Riders...

...seeing that no one started a game thread, I'll do a recap:

  • game starts on time
  • holey moley did I see some red jerseys int he crowd, all in one bottom corner...yup I did, good for that's a lot of green in them thar stands
  • hmmmm, do I have a beer or not?, Mrs. R&W has indicated she wants ot take the dogs on a long walk as it's a smashing day here in cowtown, maybe no beer yet
  • fumble yay, grrr missed opportunity
  • pretty soon later on, Yay another, geez, wasn't after all as the rider player had POSSESSION WITH HIS KNEECAPS, suddenly walking the dogs is looking much more entertaining, riders ahead by 4
  • something something something, rider head by more
  • start of the second quarter, walk the dogs (ended up coming across a deer, that was fun)
  • omigod why didn't we bring water? so hot...neighbour is working on his deck and his wife is away so we offered to have his little ones (5 and 3) over for a popsicle
  • riders 27 stamps 13, Mrs. R&W starts prepping for dinner while i bewilder the girls with tales of our trip to Italy last year where they have popsicle flavours like 'salmon' and 'pickle' and 'onion'...I tell the girls to make sure they tell their dad (who's very italian) that ALL ice cream and popsicles in Italy is vegtable and seafood based, they promise they will
  • oh hey, this is actually turning into a game
  • riders looking good for the day, but can they hold the stamps off?
  • yes
  • Final thoughts, didn't like Willis flexing his biceps while my team's QB is lying on his back trying to remember what day it is (Sunday Kev, it's Sunday), Willis --> goof...but Chamblin's Challenge seems to have worked...darn, after 7 games besting the greenies guess our number was finally up...congrats riders on a must win, hard fought and deserved...
  • BBQ time, yay

You missed the part where Cornish mooned the fans on the East side. They're talking about it on the call in show right now.

Random notes:

Entertaining game that came down to the wire.
Not a big fan of the Riders nearly blowing another lead, but they hung on.
I would guess the league told the officials to put their whistles away, not a lot of penalties in this game.
Beautiful day for football, 23 and dead calm out.
Saw 3 Stamps fans at this one, including 1 sitting right behind me (he was a good sport).
Lost the season series to the Stamps, but tightened up the West a bit.
Cross over still looking possible.
Not going to complain about the penalties until I get a chance to re-watch it on the PVR, always make an ass out of myself when I comment before I do that.

Cornish has posted at RiderFans that he didn't moon anyone. He says his pants were falling down and he had to adjust his underwear before he could fix his pants and that some skin showed while he did that. He also said he wouldn't moon anyone because he's too cheap to do something that would result in a fine.

I beleive him.

LOL... :slight_smile: