Stamps at Riders

Nobody watching this one? Unfortunately had to miss the home game due to sickness, but im watching on TV.

Arbuckle looks good on the opening drive. Elimimian with the big whiff trying to tackle with his helmet, kept the drive going.

…yep, watching

Bring on game 2

…Ha! The Stanley cup at Mosaic, that’s awesome…

Watching from the east even though its a late night for me but I should make it through!

And wearing BLUE!! - at least to start! Guess everyone can’t be green! :wink: :wink:

Looks like the Calgary D is starting this game awake - unlike last week when the leos ran all over them for 3 and a half quarters!

Questionable pi call on Soloman. Looked like a pick to me to keep the drive going

Well I think it was called illegal contact and he did get to receiver and knock him down before the ball got there so looked like a fair call to me.
Green D playing tough down near the goal line to stop the TD and limit the damage to a FG.

…nice open field tackle

Just heard that Cannon was a scratch tonight! Figures since i had him in my fantasy line up! Also had Thomas-Erlington who was injured early.

Fajardo picked off !

Roberson! #4

Not sure about the play calling there. You are within five yards of a field goal. Why not run on first down?

Going for the major score?

Secure points first especially in a relatively close game

Right now looks like the Stamps are going for a bigger lead before the half - probably driving for the TD if they can get it. But Arbuckle was almost picked off!

Receivers better learn to catch the ball if they want to move it down the field - but Fajardo gets stopped on the scramble

Another low scoring game but more entertaining than the first half of the earlier game.

Arbuckle has looked pretty composed for Calgary, and Fajardo has looked a bit shaky for the Riders.