Stamps at Riders

I still cannot understand how Calgary can have all that offensive talent yet still such a sluggish offence.

It's the year of the Defence Paolo X....

Yes that’s correct because any such player even with the punter or behind the punter, at the moment the ball is kicked, is an onside player.

The roots of that rule are in rugby, but also in rugby on any kick an offside player can be put onside by any onside player as well.

I wish that were the rule in the CFL too for that matter.

Interesting last few seconds of the half and Rider screwup leads to 3pts Stamps.

Like the references to rugby Paolo, good info.

For sure Earl, and that play is a great example to silence a lot of that fuss against a decision to concede a safety.

If my team were behind in the game near the end of the half, knowing that the other team would not have good field position after I concede a safety and very little time, I would not even consider punting the ball unless perhaps I had a strong wind at my back.

...hanging in there...the crowd seems a little less vibrant...whazzup in greenville?...

... :thup: :thup: indeed! it seems all Ds are in mid-season form...makes for a scary ending

Wow! Dressler, gotta love that guy. :thup:

Just like the old days between these two teams; late 60's - early 70's.....I'm sure you remember those games/playoffs too.

decent game but my word - but the announcers on TV are over the top with their drooling love of Calgary. It is getting extremely difficult to listen to those 2 drool over everything red.

these jerseys are just plain awful :thdn:

Riders look like they are wearing ugly green pajamas :lol:

I'm going to have to agree this time. What gives with Cuthbert & Suitor tonight? :?

Back after popcorn break, see Calgary scored and Clermont has to catch that one.

Riders with a decent drive - settle for a fieldgoal 19-18 Calgary at the start of the 4th

I completely forgot about this game. I think I picked Sask. They better get it together. :lol:

Through the uprights on a kickoff, that's a first for me. :o

Getzlaf, bad game so far.

Is it just me or does Joffrey Reynolds look un-remarkable this year? He appears to have lost a step similar to Cates where he has yet to dominate a game. Stamps changed their schemes?? or a conscious effort by Huffer to preserve him for playoffs?

Good punt Sask.....Nice run by Cornish gets Calgary out of field trouble.

Well, I'm finishing 2-2, which means I stay at .500. :roll:

Tight game...Big crushing hit by Jackson on Bryant. First down Stamps none the less