Stamps at Riders

First, has the site fixed its sequence problems yet? I looked through some threads and it seems to be sorted.

Now, onto topic....

A Riders win gives me another 3-1 week, so GO GANG GREEN!
Seriously, with the way the games have gone so far this week, another close one might just stop my heart!

Yeah, I think the Stamps are going to come out firing on all cylinders here early. I hope the Riders can keep close in the early going. I think if the Riders can keep close in the 1st half, they will win. This could be an explosive game. If the Stamps win, the Riders would basically have to beat the Stamps in the rest of their meetings to get ahead of them in the standings. This is a HUGE game for both clubs, and has potential for shaping a lot of the rest of the season in the West!

I have Getzlaf and Dressler on my fantasy team, and the Stamps special teams. Will be watchin closely!

I hope you are right. We have to get the ship righted before we fall to 1-4 or "gasp" 1-5

You can't start 0-3 at home after losing only 2 at home all of last year. This is a big game for both teams. If I'm Calgary I'm a bit worried about the game coming down to a field goal at the end. If I'm the Riders I'm worried about getting pressure on Burris.

the riders can get right back in the think of things with a win against the stamps tonite.
should be a great game.

Durrant/Burris; these two QB’s can do a lot of mayhem outside of the pocket; may come down to which one of them makes less mistakes when trying to force a play. These two team seem to always bring out the best in each other.

Two and outs for each team to start the game - one sack each. Defences seem to have come to play!

Defence so far as pointed out in the above post; Stamps strike first with a fieldgoal and lead 3-0

Good on Hufnagel to have recommended some help to Paredes instead of the usual route. :thup:

Kicking at the pro level, for all but the longer kicks and/or those into tricky winds, is mostly a mental exercise given the thousands of repetitions those guys have performed.

Burris looking on his game tonight, Riders are in tough in this one.

Riders knockin on the door…on the verge of a major thus TD Durrant - 10-7 Stampeders.

This one looks like it will go down to the end. For the VGCC we were almost divided evenly on this pick.

I think they each have very similar playing schemes except that the Riders use a double-tight formation often.

Okey dokey, we got a game in this one, nice answer by the Riders.

great play action by durant for the td…this goin’ to be a good game now

Not only was the throw behind the receiver, but Burris tried to force it into good coverage.

Where is Wes Cates? Hurt?

I'm nervous about the Riders without a core running game now.

Cates is injured (did not hear where). Charles looking good though.

Heads up play by the Rider punter almost got it. Single none the less.

Eddie Johnson shows some wheels......and almost caught the Stamps napping.

Anyone behind the punter can get in the 5yd halo and get the ball? Didn't know that. Never seen that though.