Stamps at Riders Week 8

Well might as well start it... with all the crap this week and BLM we might win this one out of spite. but my gut says we lose!! I sure hope I am wrong.

Well as I said this could be a tell tale sign of if Jones has lost the room. If the team rallies and even if they don't win but make it a very tight and competitive game then this could actually bring the team closer together as hard as that seems. If though they get blown out and show the effort they did against the Als then things may not be salvageable.
I still can't see anything being done as far as removing Jones or Reynolds during the season but unless things take a real big turn and again whether they win or not they have to show things are going in the right direction. Then who knows, perhaps Jones would even step down at the end of the season. As of now we are in a nose dive straight into the sewer and all the excuses in the world isn't going to be acceptable after this major gaff. There absolutely has to be some positive signs of improvement end of story.

I'm really hoping the Riders just put a licking on Bo whether they win or not. That would at least show they can get to the qb and rattle some cages. That in itself would be a sign of improvement as so far no qb is afraid of our defense.

Well not exactly what I was hoping for on either side of the ball but we are in the thick of it getting the late late late TD. Now go out and crank up the juice on the turbo chargers and get it done.

No surprise, we lost again, but it was a far better effort on D. But in fairness to DD we need our front 5 back, no protection for him.

Well not what I was hoping for but there was some positives: 1) They did show up on both sides of the ball even though they didn't get it done. 2) The defense was by far the best I have seen all year even though that big play at the end killed us it still was a great play by Bo otherwise he gets rocked for nothing. 3) Durant was not super sharp but he still played well and it looks like the injury issues are not an issue. I expect him to even get better and if we could ever get a healthy O line it should make a world of difference.* footnote Lawrence actually had some good runs as his best game by far.

Things to improve: 1) Play calling on offense is very suspect. 10 points is not going to win games
2) Still not loving the 3 man front even though it was used far less. I would abandon it all together
3) We need a punt returner in the worse way.
4) Some tweaks probably needed in the secondary. Jackson wasn't bad but McDaniels owned him
for the most part, just too much cushion.

Yes another loss but honestly as much as I was hoping we could squeak out the win I was also very worried of us getting blown out. That didn't happen and perhaps if we made the last field goal then who knows.

Still I was glad to see the spark in the defense and now they just need to keep building on it and get better next week and get the win.

Another loss :thdn:

Hopefully Crapigna is back soon. Two very makeable field goals were missed. You cannot continue to leave points on the field and expect to win games.

The defense looked better. Those new DTs I noticed were getting decent push. I think they have something there.

Still need a running game.

I think playoffs are out of the question this year.

Yeah I agree even though Lawrence did have a couple of good runs when your QB is the leading rusher then that isn't really a good thing.

Oh I never really thought we had a legitimate shot at the playoffs this year. Just too many turnovers on all level of the team. I just hope we can get more wins then last year. IF not then that is not a good sign that things are going in the right direction. I could still see us winning with a bit or a lot of luck 6 games.

I have never really thought of Lawrence as a legitimate every down back. He is a good change up back, and was a decent return guy last season but he is certainly no John Cornish, Kory Sheets, Andrew Harris or even a Messam where you can give them the ball 20 times a game.

That type of back probably would have come in handy in a few of our earlier losses where we were up but gave away the lead.

just watched this one down south now...Bartel's worst game for sure. He has been pretty good this year but is "meh" today. I would say put Van Gylswyk in as punter and bring Mark on for placekicking

Lawrence seemed to have an "alright" game. he is at least a receiving threat out of the backfield.

I will give Calgary's D credit...the Riders marched very well against them much of the night but they didn't break. Will also say that they picked on Culbert early and then went away from him...tucked it away and went after him late to seal the win...pretty good game planning...Bo should be up for a nice little fine for his taunting BS late in the game...was enough that Jones snapped on Dickenson

10 points is not enough...clearly...but the team moved the ball rather well against the #1 D....lacked finish. DD fumbling crushed one drive (that was a crazy couple minutes)...I felt the 3 minute warning hurt them in the 4th...they need to be able to come out of that stronger. 1/3 on FGs in a defensive game is huge. I felt the last FG attempt late they should have went for it...I know it was 3rd and 10 or whatever....I can't fault the call but i would have went for it. I guess kicking it if you make it you have to kick off inside of a short kick is an option.

Keep Langford...Cut Lawrence.

While I don't think the Roosevelt one in the endzone was PI...that big one on the Riders shouldn't have been was not catchable and the defender made a play for it...he was the only one who had a chance at it. Inconsistency.

Holding the Stamps to 19 points...I don't know what more you can ask of the D...holding Messam to <4 per carry is impressive.

Biggest problem tonight with the O was clearly...once again...the OL. Stamps could run an effective 3 man front against it

I was glad to see Stanford in there...I know he didn't impress but I think he needs to be rotated in...I do think he will develop into a keeper.

I said 2-3 wins by LDC....should have in all honesty been there by now...they missed a good opportunity in this one. I believe that if 2 of Best/LaBatte/Fulton were in this team would be at 3 wins right now.

Yes we still need a RB, and correct me if I am wrong, but is drop the ball Chambers our new Getzlaf?? He has dropped as many as he has caught… just sayin’ We need our front 5 back so DD has time to work his magic. Yah the D played better but still showed signs of utter collapse at times. Those 2 missed FG did not help either… Still love Cox back there, he has been a plus. Now let stop this 3 man rush crap and start blitzing. We need a real DEF Cord.

Never should have made it out of camp....from what I saw he never earned it. I get why he made it...but he didn't earn it and is proving why...we talked on here at one point that yes, ye was the new Getz. He would frustrate to no end at times and be a star at other times.

Hey here is another positive that has probably gone over looked. The great and almighty Mr goodie goodie two shoes Boron didn't throw a td pass. So we of all teams ended his streak. Oh poor Bo baby go on social media and cry about that for awhile why don't you. I'm sure you can come up with a good excuse that either the Riders cheated or the refs blew a call or something to cry about. Let me guess the sun was in your eyes all game and that the Riders had tilted the earth causing it.


Might as well kept Getz, at least he made the impossible ones . LOL