Stamps At Riders GDT

TD Riders, not over yet…

Missed H2H call again.


Good game for a low scoring affair.

Looked to me like it was helmet to helmet on that last sack

The defense really kept them in the game but in the end the complete lack of the offensive to get into any kind of grove .... cost them the game.

The good - the Riders showed they can compete as they hung in there.

The Bad - No flow at offensive for 2 straight games now. Yes I know Bridge was brilliant for the first against Hamilton then struggled. Bridge showed how green he really is on that fumble - If Glen isn't 100% every game.... Riders struggle

You are correct - you can see on the reply Bridges Helmet snaps as its hit. That was my whole point with risk vs reward. The reward for making the play even with a helmet hit far out ways the risk with only a 15 yard Penalty. What can teams do? The rewards from hitting H2H are far better than any risk at this point ( for the defender )

Good point. Don't see why that's not reviewable especially on a turnover.

Defensive battle as I predicted but even lower scoring than my 21-17 guess. Calgary was the deserved victor dominating time of possession, turnovers and net yardage. Based on those factors they probably should have won by 14 or so points. Bridge's score in garbage time with a softer Calgary D made the score more respectable from the Rider's perspective.

Actually, that is one of the things the Command Centre is supposed to look for. That's why there was a late flag on the hit on Roosevelt. Not sure why they didn't call it on the hit on Bridge.

The eye in the sky cannot call a penalty

Very good low-scoring game. Both teams have plenty of gamers - Calgary just has a few more. Wouldn't be at all surprised to see these two teams in the western final - although now, Christoph Jones might be plotting for the crossover.

Eye-in-the-sky should be able to call obviously missed infractions - but its hard keeping a guy in the booth or watching TV monitors on top of the game and not unattentive!

The hit on Bridge was a penalty and should have been called. I am hoping the CFL commissioner explains why they didn't call it - if its a mistake then own it and work on fixing it. If the refs felt it was not a penalty then by all means I look forward to any explanation defending the non call.

And again - wouldn't change the outcome - this is a vent against head shots and the lack of enforcement.

Like I said the risk vs reward needs to be looked at. In my opinion intent should be something any supplementary discipline considers for possible punishment beyond the game in question. Any time you have helmet to helmet they have to call it or it will never change. At the very lest make it a 25yrd penalty for H2H on QB's and 15 yrds for others - with automatic review after the game by the CFL

Could have changed the outcome. it would have taken sask to the 35 with about 40 seconds left.

Because it was not H2H

Helmets are going to touch....
Facemasks are going to touch.

It does not make it a helmet to helmet hit

If a helmet hits a helmet as the first point of contact - that's the problem. In the heat of battle it is simply not possible to consider intent - could they have avoided it ect. Once they take the position that some head shots are ok - some not - depending on ? - That's the problem. I don't have issue when after the point of contact on a hit .... there is secondary contact with helmets or face-masks. How a hit lands and how the players react has more to do with determining intent and you can't fault a defender if the other player rolls into them after the hit. What I am talking about is were the initial contact is the helmet.

Riders had lots of opportunity to move the ball and didn't - won't play the sour grapes card that my team lost.
I am hoping that Roosevelt and Bridge are ok and any other players hurt today ( from either side )

This was a game that both teams left the field glad it was over and banged up. The Riders having nothing to hang their heads on the loss - they gave it all and until the last 30 seconds were still in it

Do I need to remind everyone, why the game was called so bad, look whom the head ref was... does he ever call a good game!!! I cringe every time he ref's a game.

I don't think the officiating looked bad for most of the game - it was the 2 head shots. On the first they did call it so I can't fault them - its the CFL I fault for the rules ( officials applied the rules as they are listed ). On the second head shot I do feel that needed to be called and that one is on the officials - unless they own it that it was simply missed. Not saying I agree they could have missed it but we all make mistakes. Just curious why it wasn't called and the rational.

If head to head contact is going to be such a big deal they need to get equipment up to standard so we can watch football again…

And I cringe every time a fan....who doesn't know how things work...blames the head ref for calls that are not his to make...not that I saw any today

And the only terrible call I saw was in your favour...the contacting the kicker call that he ignored