Stamps At Riders GDT

Shocked no one started this.

I just got this weird feeling this will not be the Stamps day.

If the Riders win, it will not surprise me.

No big deal. Stamps will finish first anyway.

I think this will be a low scoring game. 2 good defenses and the Stamps offense has not been firing on all cylinders this year.

Calgary 21
Saskatchewan 17

What a dirty hit -

Completely disagree with the stamp player not being tossed.

...where was your online displeasure when Awe was playing last week?

Nah, if he had lead with his head maybe, but the UR was sufficient.

Not a Lions fan, and worked that day - I equally disagree with any dirty head shots.

How would that justify, or support, or silence on this play?

…I think he tried to turn his head, thereby diminishing the head to head contact…not sure how you can claim he didn’t…

Still disagree -

Hope Roosevelt is ok. Glad the Riders played through it and not retaliate. 2 years ago when a Rider took a bad head shot - the Riders defense became unhinged and took a ton of stupid penalties.

On the plus side it was a stamp Lineman that stood over Roosevelt waving and yelling for medical ....

As tsn saying - UR that knocks a player out will result in Supplementary discipline. I do not support that in this case. It would have been better in my opinion to toss him and have the discipline end there.

Well the Riders did retaliate in a way and took a stupid OC for mouthing off. It wasn't a dirty play by any standard. It was a penalty, perhaps, but not a dirty play and the TSN panel agreed.

The defender took his helmet out of play to hit with the shoulder and the receiver dipped his helmet at the same time so they "coco bonked" but it wasn't a cheap shot.

When I say retaliate - I mean hitting an opposing player - illegally. Mouthing off to the offical is of course pointless and will result in a stupid penalty, it is not retaliation though as that would be doing something to a player or making physical contact with an official over it. I of course would not support either of those.

Like I said - I disagree. Had BO been hit with a high/low combo I am not sure folks would be as supportive of the defender doing all possible to avoid the head shot - just my opinion

Again - I hope that Roosevelt is ok - seems lost in the hit that it resulted in knocking a player out cold.

Riders need a QB change , Kevin is hurting , put in Bridge , run around get some offence .....not convinced the offensive co-ordinator is the greatest ..offence seem pretty vanilla.......Zack Collaros might be worth while asking about ...............

Snail race.

Somebody, anybody score a td please.

I am ok with a good D game, but let's get going.

Although I doubt the Riders can come back to win - They showed that they can compete with the best in the CFL. With Roosevelt out - Carter and Glenn playing hurt ... I am impressed they are keeping it close ... ish

This rushing 3 thing by the riders is ok but it gives Bo all day to throw.

and it looks like Glenn is done for the day. Bridge in

2 and out .... If the Stamps score here they won't have time to come back the way the offensive is playing. to your defence that is keeping it close, the green D is playing very well...