Stamps at Riders Final Preseason Game

Anyone have a video link? This sucks! I checked each team's site too, but I found nothing.

Here it is on radio for the Stamps' broadcast:

The game wasn't televised, which in hindsight was a bad decision as it was a pretty well played game.

I do have a question for a Stamps fan, is the receiving corp pretty much settled? I saw hardly any guys who aren't established CFL vets line up at receiver for them tonight. Locke was the only guy I'd never heard of who caught a pass.

It seemed like a great great going by the score.

Okay folks, it is 2012, and how is either team not weighing in to televise the game as did the Eskies even via the internet?

Is it really that prohibitively expensive as it was in the early days of streaming technology say back in 2004? The HD picture and resolution in the Eskies broadcast was absolutely awesome, and I am not even viewing on brand new monitors!

Maybe there is a cultural gap here for me, but in the US even all far less entertaining preseason games in the NFL are televised and I could care less like most NFL fans.

Why would the league not retain the option to weigh in to broadcast even via the internet when TSN et al drop the ball?

Also it pi$$es me off that games in Ontario are covered no matter what but if the game is out west, oh well ...

We get the same crap from our arrogant ESPN types down here as far as West Coast action.

In the CFL you have only 8 teams and smaller rosters, so at least some of the action in the preseason counts for more than any given NFL preseason game that few care about other than mostly those with kids who can get free tickets to them.

I really wanted to see the guys fight it out for roster spots this year and get an early glimpse of the capabilities of certain starters.

Anyway, all the games are televised now so on with the show at last!

THANK GOD for that :thup: