Stamps At Riders - Durant Should Worry

Since we already have the Cats Lions game thread early, thought I would start this.

The reason is because of the local Calgary QR77 radio show that had a very interesting interview with Dave Dickenson.

THE REAL DOUBLE D , if you will.

He stated that he wants more hits on Durant . Every chance for a hit, he wants a hit.

Hard, but clean.

There are no dirty players in Calgary. That is not the Stamps way.

The point is with Durant's injury history the last couple of years, some of these hard, clean , as many hits possible might send him to the sideline again.

I hope not. Star qb's on the injury list , is not good for the league or parity.

Plus, I think of the person first before how it effects the team.

A team wants to hit the other teams quarterback. Shocking.

It is not what he said. it is the way he said it.

If it was anybody other than Durant, I would not have brought it up.

Other than Ricky or Travis.

There are just some qb's that are at the stage of their career, that just can not take many more hits.

I'm not sure they'll be able to, unless they want to rack up 90 yards of roughing the passer penalty yards. It seemed during Edmonton/Ottawa than any hit was immediately deemed evil.

Dave is talking tough - mostly trying to keep his troops and local media in the upper stratas of pre-game intensity.

But this game has far too many earmarks of "Sleep-Over" WRITTEN all over it.

Mitchell starts erring on mid and long-range tosses, rat-riders come up with a game plan to stretch the yardsticks on offense and Durant outplays Mitchell - could be a predictable upset.

On paper - a mismatch.

On field - Stamps should be favoured by at least 8.5

Methinx it somehow comes down to final 5 or 6 minutes.

The way Jones gutted the Riders it should be a win for the Stamps. The Stamps receiving core has been gutted as well but they seem to have responded better than the Riders to the turnover.

Go Stamps Go!!!! :cowboy:

As a Ticat fan, I can promise that Grant will impress. He has games every year where he blows up D’s for well over 100 yards. IMO he wasn’t used enough, or thrown to enough, in Hamilton.

He’s the kind of scrappy and capable guy that Huf and co. can get behind.

Nothing wrong with wanting the opposing QB to want to grass stains (rug burn) and be sore in the morning. I think every team has that as a goal.

Except that he's only ever had ONE 100 yard game in his career from 2011 - 2016, he did that last year against the Bombers and he's never had a 1,000 yard season in his career.
But he is a dependable receiver, I don't why the Ticats let him go

I think BLM, might take a few hits as well.

The Stamps have 3 starting O Linemen out.

Ouch and yikes.

For some reason I remember a few games over 100, but he must have had a few games near 100 at least.

One thing I forgot to mention, is he may just be the best blocking receiver in the CFL. He plays like a lean TE.

Gutsy call .... what happens if Darian gets hurt in another illegal hit like the BC game? Makes it appear premeditated. Dave is a stand up guy so I know he is just trash talking the game up.... still he could have left it at comments that they would apply pressure all game .... vs Darian should worry.

Not really...he said hard but clean. Stamps are not a dirty team in their play...they won't tolerate it

If it should happen to be something cheap then I hope for discipline handed down

Guys, please do not misunderstand.

Dickenson did NOT say " Durant should worry" . That was MY wording for the point of the thread.

All he said was he wants more hits. Hard but clean.

There was no direct threat to Durant.

Understood. NO TRUMPAGE!

I have to wonder how much of the Jones mess will be a distraction for the Riders.

There are no distractions - sold out game, so bring it on man!

The panel did a better job of play by play than Roders.

That's not a particularly high bar to jump over - ie. Rod Black FUPBP

That said Rod Smith and the boys did a nice job calling the game from their TSN studio positon. Should consider experimenting with a Rotten Roddy Black game in the future.

I have no problem predicting a Rider win (narrow) tonite. Stamps will be a little hi on the hog. Besides lynch mobs usually don't get the pleasure of a victim til later in the year!

Yes, the panel are expertise one could say, good job on play-by-play. FG Stamps lead 3-0