Stamps At Ottawa GDT

I wish this was not the opening game.

Since 2010, the CFL has opened with the 2 Grey Cup teams.

Why, what is the point ? What does how the Final game have to do with needing to open with them ?

Teams should open up against division opponents.

Stamps face the Esks 3 times, yet do not meet them until Labour day.

Play Ottawa 2 x in the first 2 weeks. Just stupid.

The team, you play 3 x is the team they should open with.

I like the Grey Cup rematch as the first game of the season. Usually ensures you'll get a game between two pretty good teams, unlike last nights stinker.

I agree teams should play division opponents earlier though. I know the past couple years the Ticats didn't play Ottawa until October which was stupid. the usual revenge vs. justification angle...

...what puzzles me is the back-to-back scheduling...

sensing a beat-down..... :cowboy:

Bring it Ottawa

I had no idea they play back-to-back. That is ridiculous. Other than the Labour Day rematches, I don't think there should ever be back-to-backs in a 9 team league.

I think teams should always open up with crossover opponents.

The home opener is going to draw well, regardless of who the opponent is.

Might as well be a team that doesn't draw well under normal circumstances.

I have no problem with the GC rematch as an opening week game but I agree that playing back to back is overkill - especially when they only play twice during the season. I'd like to see the 2 East vs West matchups split so that there's one in the first half of the season and one in the second.

Another crazy play, but that's a touchdown for Calgary. Tip of the ball just had to touch the start of the goal line.

Yup, he had enough control with the tip, they got the call right.

I'd say that he had better control crossing the goal line than Grant did last night and it was ruled a TD.

It was a pretty impressive runback by Ottawa too, just a wild play all around.

I swear I just heard the play by play guy say that last year's Grey Cup was the first to go to overtime.

I must have watched the 2005 GC from an alternate universe.

I think I heard that too. It's Rod Black - what do you expect?

Od Black is a real piece of work.

He's the reincarnation of J. Paul McConnell - old Vancouver radio/TV man who did CFL games

Million dollar voice - 10 cent mind

Pea brains like Black don't have much memory so the 2007 GC is a distant galaxy to this perennial TSN mope :cowboy:

Replay official blew another one.
Hard to continue supporting this league.
Probably the same replay offical who should have been fired long ago. What a joke.

Yes, that was a fumble by Calgary.... UNREAL they get that wrong!!!!

Why do we even have replay when the person judging them is incompetent?

Did something happen to Powell, the RB's RB? He seemed on his game early, but then I missed the last 3 quarters and see he only ended up with 6 carries.

Also OT 1961.

No Question. Stamps receiver fumbled BEFORE the knee hit.

Refs need to get their acts together.

However, Ottawa let this slip with 2 real bad penalties at the end.