Stamps at Lions PBP Thread

Game 2 of the double-header.
It can't be worse then the first one...

Go Lions!


Lions have to win this one. They face the Bombers next and the Argos after that. :grimacing:

A TD right off the bat? Bad 2nd half start for the Lions. So far Calgary's scored 23 unanswered points. WAKE UP LEOS!!!

We aren’t the only felines that suck right now…

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Reilly looked like he was over the line of scrimmage on the previous play

Uh oh. Stamps are looking a lot like the team that finished 2nd in 2019. It's probably going to be us vs them again. I wonder if the Cats can get back to the Cup and complete that Deja vu feeling. :grimacing:

Hate Dickenson, Mitchell, Paredes and everything Stamps.

This game is really pissing me off. :rage:

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Rourke's doing well in garbage time. I like his velocity and quick release. He's got a ton of upside. Too bad Whitehead's on the shelf for another couple weeks. He's supposed to be back in time for the playoffs.

Too bad the Lions are gonna miss the playoffs. :expressionless:

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BC Oline much better than 2019; but similar results. Interesting how Campbell is not getting much of the blame for Lions poor game performance.

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