I am starting this game thread early for 2 reasons.

1 . To use an Aussie Football term. " it should be a cracking good game of footy mates"

  1. I will be in Vancouver for this game.

Are there are any Lions fans on this site that will also be attending the game ?

If so, perhaps someone would like to come by and say hello.

I will be in SECTION 212 - ROW J - SEAT 1.

If you would like to give a heads up, send me a PM.

I am flying out Thur am, so I will not see any PM's after that.

If not, you know where to find me.

Brian Hindman


Did not want to make it about me.

The game. Big for the Lions to close the gap in the race for first and win the season series.

Also, there is no reason this should not sell out at 27,500.

At this stage these are perhaps the 2 best teams in the CFL. ( Along with Ottawa )

The place should be packed. I hope.

BC Place is perhaps the best atmosphere when it fills up.

Pft!!! They wont even have 15k.
Last game had no one in the end zones. The Lions have easily the worst layout of any stadium in the CFL because cheapskate Braley closes some of the best seats in the house, while 40 percent of the seats he does sell are complete crap.
In its current configuration, there are only about 15000 seats actually worth paying real money for. This is precisely why 15K or less have shown up this season.

Are you going to the game, Bungle? You do live in Vancouver right? If you're not going than shut the fug up about attendance!

Hopefully, Foxcroft isn't reffing the game like last time. And people think Bradbury is bad. Foxcroft must get paid by the penalty flag thrown.

I refuse to give that cheepskake anymore of my money than necessary.
I used to go regularly (3 ,4 times a year) until Bobby Ackles night.
What a disgrace that event was. 30 minute line ups for beer. Geroy Simon jerseies on order only( you could not actually take one home, but were forced to pay up front snd go to the next game to pick it up)
Since that disgusting event. I have gone to Tempire's grand opening( got screwd with 30 dollar parking) and the Bomber game every year as well
I go to the Bomber game and pay for my family( mom,dad,sister,bro and his bf)
One game a year and no more. That cheepskake is getting more of my money than he already deserves!!
When the Cancer of the CFL, sells the team. i probably will buy 2 upper deck 4 game flex pack at the 20 yard line about 20 rows up for 300 bucks, plus the usual Bomber cheepo package for another 200

15,000 or under would be a shame.

The experts called BC to finish last.

This is a very exciting team. Lions fans should be real excited.

I am calling you on this one Bungle.

I am predicting at least 25,000 for the biggest game of the year bragging rights.

Dude I don't know what you're talkin about there was definitely 21,000 there the endzones were more full than they have been for many games about half full. I was there and the other side was full from the endzone right to the other endzone.

This BS about the bums in the seats it doesn't matter about the bums in the seats it matters how many tickets were bought that's all that's every mattered at every single sporting venue in the history of north America, bums in the seats is irrelevant.

Great, but until then, it's total hypocrisy to be complaining about and mocking low attendance numbers if you don't go the games.

I was at the Lions at Stamps game here in Calgary.

If this one coming up is even half as good , it will still be great.

I was at the Argos at Lions game and it was a dud.

However, as the season moves along, the Lions are improving. :thup:

Not to be negative, but I do not understand why the Stamps and Lions are playing 3 times in the first half of the season. :?

These should be spread out.

Interesting so you go see the crappiest team but you dont go see the Calgary home opener that was awesome, i was there.

Or the Hamilton game which was also awesome better than any NFL game ever could be.

They shouldnt be spread out at all its perfect. This is a battle for first place.

The thing that people dont get is the crowds wont come back until next season when the season ticket base goes up.

bungle, I was at the last game and there was far more than 15k there, and there was lots of people in the end zones.
Had you been there you would have noticed, but you weren't. We ll maybe as you stated in another thread that your Uncle had a 3 million dollar house and no cash to live in it, maybe he should sell it, buy an apartment in say New West, and then he could also afford foods and to buy you tickets to a Lions game, so you could actually see it for yourself. Put up or shut up.

OK, I live in Calgary.

I have my dates planned based on my work, time off and convenience.

I do not go out to Vancouver based on what team is playing.
Whatever team is there is there.

Also, the Argo game was early in the season. Nobody knew if the Argo's were crappy or not.

My prediction.

LIONS 26 - STAMPS - 18

These teams both have solid D's, so I am not expecting big scores like the game in Calgary.

Also, Stamps did not look impressive in Regina.
Lucky for them they played a team that sucks.

Lions do not suck, so they should win this.

Here is the 55-page CFL Game Notes for Week 9 & Stamps/Lions Preview, a must read for any stats junkie!

Wow, Bo Levi Mitchell is 37-7-1 as a CFL starter! :thup:

There is going to be over 23,000 this Friday they said they are expecting over 24,000

Bs just announced they have sold close to 23;000 tickets

You would think the Lions' D is "solid". I'm not so sure anymore. At the conclusion of the Lions' defeat against Calgary last night, the Lions [ on average ] have allowed almost 35 points a game. That is the equivalent of 5 converted TDs a game. They have allowed 137 points in the last 4 games. Compare that to an average of around 18 points a game during their first 4 games. Something is not right. After leading by 15 against a top CFL team, the Lions lose to Calgary in overtime. After leading by almost 3 converted TDs against Hamilton last week, the Lions D allowed Hamilton to tie the game and almost win it. The Lions have to play 60 minutes of solid hard hitting consistent football or the wheels are going to start falling off pretty quickly.

I am not going to make predictions anymore.
This game was a write off.

Good thing this it was not a sell out.
It would have made the Lions home suck fest even worse.

Yes full credit to the Stamps.
Just to bad the Lions did not show up.

Jennings looked like a rookie in his first game out of college.

I thought this was a battle of perhaps the 2 best teams in the CFL :roll: