Stamps at HTC game thread/predictions

Interesting match-up...

Porter's starting which, all things considered, is a good move IMO. Hamilton's D is tough...the LB corps need to contain Reynolds and the D line can't let Burris run like he did against the EE or this party's a short one. So, home field advantage leads to my prediction...Hamilton 26 Calgary 24.

Didn't wanna dissect this one too much...if you didn't notice...I blame Percocet... 8)

It's going to be close but if my Cats can't contain Reynolds, game over. But we'll see, Calgary is a better team on paper and have the experience at the qb position no question and better talent there, but....

Calgary has been playing lights out since they fixed their D up with a few signings a few weeks ago. Porter will take too long to get back in the groove of things, and Cobb will be held under control for most of the game. Calgary by 6+. But I'll obviously be cheering for the cats.

I don't understand why Porter didn't throw the ball away at the 9:28 point of the second, lose 11 yards, or throw it away and lose nothing? Is it not understanding the game, or are the coaches telling him not to? I don't get it...

Another great return by Tightass Ryan. Huff better find a return guy!!! Gawd I hate watching that guy return anything. :thdn:

...well, which team can make the more effective halftime adjustments to pull away in the second half?...

I'm sorry but 3/11 for 14 yards passing in one half is downright embarassing for Burris... That's sub Lefors type stats.

Is Burris awake? He looks baaaad.

Halftime musing's...

The score flatters Calgary...geezis, I just saw the really flatters Calgary. :?

Get Porter the hell outta there...awful. :roll:

The crowd...shocking...c'mon Hammerheads!! :o

Someone hold onto the ball... :?

Calgary sucks in this game, especially Burris,


Bloody key stone cops!!!!

No head shot?!? WTF is that??

No comeback in this one. Stamps are too incompetent tonight. Cats deserve this one.

The Cats D deserves this one Stamp.... the O has coughed up a furball most of this game!!

Porter went down at the last second and slid right in to it. When you tackle low its pretty hard not to lead with your dam head!

Agreed, that should have been a major foul, spearing.

What a horse shit call!!!!! nice job bush refs

WAY TO GO TI-CATS!! Nice win at the end, good ball control.

I'm glad the Ti-Cat fans can cheer again for a winning team.

Wahh, made up for the missed call earlier in the game.