Stamps at Esks - Rematch

Looks like a high scoring affair so far. I don’t mind those helmets for the Esks, the team logo on the chest looks goofy though.

EE coming out with FIRE here! Going to “win one for the Gipper”? (i.e. Walker) at least he isn’t gone for the season. Hamilton’s lost two of their speedsters for the season and poor Banks is now banged up.

Did the Stamps D take the slow “prairie boat” to Edmonton that has yet to arrive? EE racking up the points on them so far. :o

last game esks didn’t score tds on turnovers, at least this time they are taking them in for majors…esks need to win to keep up with ssk

my esks are loaded for bear!!!

They’re certainly starting out strong with a 14 point lead before the end of the first quarter!

what were bb, ssk, clg and edm all doing tip up drills this week!

You have to wonder! Looks more like the “Turnover Battle” than the “Battle of Alberta”! ;D

Williams down - tough but the Ticats have managed with the loss of both Chris Williams and Saunders.

These back-to-back games on such short weeks are so tough on the players physically - even if the don’t mind the rivalry. Of course the fans LOVE them.

…thats a bull crap call

…apparently the stamps weekly cheque did not make it to Command Centre in time …

If you’re talking about the decision on the turnover - not sure I agree - looked to me like McCarty got it back while on the ground. Taking it away after that is a moot point.

Looks much like the strip that Darby put on Green in Hamilton on Labour Day but he ran it back for a TD.

…nope, the brush on Reilly’s face mask…

…then how did a Calgary player emerge with the balll

…whatever though, a few calls go against you, a few go your way…

Ok - got you - but he did turn his head although it wasn’t a really bad pull on the mask. I’ve seen less contact on the face mask called though this year.

EE put together a LONG, clock-eating drive after Dickenson’s 3rd down gamble on the goal line didn’t work out. Wonder if he’s wishing he’s gone for the sure points. That defensive stop probably fueled the EE offense to march down the field.

Probably tore it away from McCarty while he was still on the ground. That seemed to be the explanation that Proulx gave on the field after the initial review.

Eskimos have paid the refs well as all the calls are going there way. That fumble was Calgary ball all day. B.S face mask as well.

Does not matter the champs will come back despite the crappy officials

Proulx was just telling mitchell that he screwed up the call on the fumble. That he will do what he can to make it up .

...the current score is 31-21-0...

....the last score is for the Argos...they’re not playing in this game, it’ll be tough for them to mount a comeback...

This game has turned into quite the shoot out. Thought the defenses might crack down more in the second half and slow down the offensive production but so far that doesn’t seem to be the case. HUGE run by Morris for the TD there. Should have put him in my fantasy lineup.

Are they going to hit 100 total points here? 76 and counting with over a quarter still to go.