Stamps at BB's

Burke has to make an adjustment at halftime and tighten up the coverage on the stamps receivers and take away that 10 yard pass and make him go long first down passes are coming to easy

Should have known better than to pick the Bombers, zero focus again.

Elliot and the offense came out focused. costly interception in the end zone though

Defense also focused on that series after the INT BIG sack

Another pick. The play call was odd as it seemed to get away from the game plan of running and moving elliot around i the pocket

Elliott might be good when he's no longer Mr. INT.

...I'm confused....shouldn't the team with excessive turnovers lose embarrassingly?

...I'm confused...shouldn't the team with excessive turnovers win comfortably?

One would think, however it was to see Brink throw a TD though....32-21 Calgary final

BBs kept shooting themselves in the foot ... but the Stamps didn't take advantage (like they should have) of the BBs poor play.

A win is a win, but would be nice to see some quality football from these teams! :expressionless: