Stamps at Argos....

...ready on set....

....roll cameras...

....release the dogs, killer bees and dogs that shoot killer bees out their mouth....

...aaaaaaannnnnnnd....'action'...., does anyone remember that gum that resembled little nuggets of gold and came in a little cloth sack?....

I get the feeling you'll be drinking alone tonight, red. I'll crack a Corona just so it doesn't look too bad. :wink:

BTW, how's the game? I haven't watched since DeAngelis kicked the FG. :lol:


I loved that stuff... but not as good as Big League Chew.

A lot of bye week rust so far.

If it weren't for penalties neither team would move the ball. Pretty awful half of football for the offenses.


That hit on Moreno was brutal.

great hit by lewis..but ill still never forgive him for that evil hit he made on kelly wiltshire that ended his career..purpously

Can't say I agree with the play calling. I know 57 yards is a long FG, but Medlock has hit a few 50-yard+ field goals. With only 5 seconds left, you have to at least try to get the FG. It's going to be a long season for Bart Andrus.

Yes, an interesting ending to that slugfest.

Great defences on both sides; offences finally got some things going in the second half. . . but what the heck the Argos were doing on that last play boggles the mind.

Andrus is going to have some explaining to do, methinks.

Play the percentages; Pickett's chances of tossing for a TD some 50 yards is lower than Medlock's chances of nailing the FG from 57. . . in neither case are the chances all that good. . . but you have to try the FG I think. . .

CTV Sports gives a Wendy's Hamburger PLAY of the Game...
But tonight, the award should be given as the HAMBURGER of the Argo coach Bart Andrus.
Let the guy try and keep and 57+yard field goal to tie the game, and they go incomplete on a long pass and run out the clock.
Argos....what a team. :smiley:

Stupidest coaching decision I've seen all season

Well that's 3 losses that the Argo's could have won near the end, oh Bart, you're team is playing not bad and I think it's coaching decisions that are losing the close games.

Yes have to agree the coaches decision or lack thereof may have cost the team another win.

Yup, lots of explaining to do when you have a kicker like that guy that can do it from that far. Andrus, Andrus, oh man I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.
Good game though and yes Lewis on Moreno, wow, that's a block for sure!

After just coming back from the dome, I have seen the highlites on TV and interestingly or unbelievably Andrus is trying to justify his decision by saying the distance was too far for Wedlock.
Say what, the guy is only the best FG in the league and his only miss was the last play attempt for 57 which had a lot of leg and unfortunately hit halfway up the pole.
The guy would have had a good chance to tie and force OT, instead the team goes for a no chance/low chance 55 yard throw.

The good news is, it could be a very short off-season for him!

Count Chocula is going to have to do some better esplainin' than that!

Hahaha I like it!

Can somebody photoshop something up please?