Stamps armour ejection

To what degree? the Riders lost a lot of players to injury… but they have managed to win despite that… losing Armour means that they had to ovecome that… and they came within a FG of doing so… that means that the ejection had no effect on the outcome of the game. stated a couple times already, to an undetermined degree...whether or not you want to admit it, the absence or presence of players has an effect on the outcome of the game, however negligible it may be...

...although it is hard to recreate in type, this is the sound of my head being repeatedly bashed onto my computer desk work surface:


It was deterimed.. the Stamps lost by one point! D'Angelis makes that kick and this conversation doesn't happen!!!

Holy gesus...I give up...not worth the headache...

If you bang your head on your keyboard, it would look like this:

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...I took care to move my keyboard first...

And you banged your head on the keyboard to get that didn't you? :lol: :lol: :lol:

If you can still think that clearly, you can’t be all that frustrated…

This is like me trying to explain to someone over the phone that the power in their area being completely out is why their TV won't turn on, yet it is my fault.

What sorta magic phone you got that works when the power's out?

old school corded phones work when the power is out - every home should have one for them times lol

Phones always work when the power goes out :slight_smile: Cordless phones don't for obvious reasons, but regular corded phones like previously stated still work. Always recommended to have at least 1 in your home in case of a power outage emergency.

Learn something new everday Artie :slight_smile:

Sure, but who would I call? Everyone else's phone won't work because the power is out.

Unless you're calling someone with a VoIP phone(which can have backup battery power as well) or strictly cordless phones, they'll still be able to answer.

Didn't the Riders end up kicking a field goal thanks to the 25 yards they gained as a result of the penalty? How many points did they win by?

Even putting aside how crippling the loss of your middle linebacker is it's hard to argue that that ejection didn't play a huge part in costing Calgary the game.

I'm pretty sure the Riders also got points off a roughing penalty to Dwight Anderson, and off some facemasking penalties.

If Congi makes his field goal it's a moot point.

Basically it's a bunch of IF's. If Armour plays maybe the Riders win by 25, maybe the Stamps win by 25. Too many variables to be decided by one player.

Ah just dropped in put a few of those exuberant green people and tucked them in for the night. On the Armour issue it is done and over with nothing more can be done. There was a drop off by the Stamps players do to the situation no doubt about it. We now reload and get ready for the next game. Something tells me the Stamps will be that much more motivated going into the next game. The riders decimated line up proved to hold in for the win and they should be credited for that. The way the refs handled it does not surprise me one bit.

I think the officials actually called a pretty decent game outside of the Armour ejection. Perhaps we'll get some clarification from Tom Higgins once he speaks to his officials.

The ref did exactly what he should have done if he believed a ref was abused on purpose. It isn't about ego or vanity. It's about enforcing the rules. This isn't the Anarchy Football League.