Stamps armour ejection

From what I saw and heard from the TSN commentators this was not the right call by the refs.

What can we do to upgrade the quality levels here? It's not that the ejection made or broke the game, it's that this type of call undermines the prfessionalism of the CFL - something that is key to its survival and success.


Calls like this happen - Team owners are the only ones that can bring pressure that would effect change. However it is a mute point - in any league once a player is tossed - you leave. The player did him self immense damage beaking off as he was leaving and that interview he gave to TSN is one I am sure the stamps will probably fine or punish him for on there own. The call is only speculation at this point as the Refs have said it was for something after the play. Will need to see the press release from the league with the facts before passing judgment on the call. The player reaction did him more harm then good though - gotta keep your cool

ask your self this - after seeing the replay if it would have been a Rider player that Armour hit - He would have been flagged. So kinda puts the refs in a tight spot. If the play would have drawn a flag ( the light push from the Rider did not warrent an elbow first hit on the next person in front of Armour ). The more I see the replay it looks like that is where the call may have come from. I don’t think Armour even knew it was a ref - after feeling a push he just put the elbow up … That’s my take after seeing the replays

Thatv Ref should be fired… How pigheaded of him to think that the game is about him… As far as I’m concerned…refs don’t even belong on the field… There should be a ball placer…and that’s it…everythiong else should be done by cameras!!

The head ref calls the plays that everyone else calls. Blaming one lone ref for a call, implying he is a media hog, and insisting he be fired as a result is entirely ridiculous.

at first I was blown away that anyone would post something so stupid, then I saw who posted it and I was no longer surprised.

It is the 21st century... Refs are a 19th century invention.... The idea is not as radical as you may think.... I truely believe that baseball does not need ups at all...You could have a couple of cops break up fights when the batter charges the mound...but other then that ups are only noticed when they screw up...The all star game was drug out to 13 innings because the umps screwed up in the 11th.

refs and umps are part of the game experience. Why not just have the games played by robots too.

Why robots? Skip the experience altogether and do a sim game instead...

Trying to imagine Robot Cheerleaders - Sorry some things are better in Real Life

I completely disagree.... It is only about the players refs should have no status whatsoever.....
Thus a player being thrown out of a game because a ref can't accept an apology...for something that wasn't even the players fault fault is absouletly ludicris!!!!!

It's not about you...... YOU do you job and shut the hell up....period.

…eat fertilizer as a small child or something?

Seriously…if you think a ref ejecting a player is a way to make the game all about him, you’ve got perception issues.

pay strict attention. The GAME is about the players. The game EXPERIENCE includes the refs.

He did make it about him.... He basicly threw him out of the game because he felt as though the player had pushed him on purpose.... explain how it is to me the guy that got hit and didn't pull his flag out on the play ejected the player to make it all about him, please?

Your logic needs some tweaking.

That was a completely blown call. Armour seemed pretty calm and factual during the interview. Throwing out the Stamps MLB on the 2nd play of the game gave the game to the Riders.

Either Armour is right and Ireland should be retired or Armour is a nutjob trying to injure officials and should be thrown out of the league. Either Ireland or Armour has made the CFL look Mickey Mouse and should never step on a CFL field again.

The refs have been pretty good this year, but that was a horrible call.

I bet Cohon and Higgins find a middle way and Armour gets a $1,000 fine and Ireland doesn't ever officiate again after the end of the regular season.

Worst. Call. Ever.

And that is saying a lot in the CFL.

The problem is we still don't know if the replay we saw is what the penalty was based upon. IF it was, then it was definately a blown call, but at this point the TV analysts know as much about the play as us fans, which isn't much.

It wasn't the guy who got clocked that tossed the flag.

If that occurs you would see a complete walk out of the officials - further bringing this issue down into the gutter.

The only resolve that would work is

1 - the League reviews the hit and announces that no further discipline is warranted
2 - That for attacking the League and calling officials liars fine Armour $2000 ( that is factual and he did say it - the fine is not for being right or wrong - its for saying it )

Then after the fact the Stamps can lecture Armour about not talking to the press like that and the League can keep Ireland out of the Grey Cup game.

Anything else and it opens a can of worms that wont be fixable.

As I percieve the call. It was AWFUL. And although i dont agree to what Blin was saying about making the game about that one official, i see what (he/she?) was getting at. The refs took personal offence to the incident. or at least it looked that way to me. also, i think that armour was quite calm in the interview and should be given a gold medal. I wouldn’t have had the calmness to talk to any media after that call.

As well remember this

The replay shows him going hard into the Ref after feeling a Rider push from behind. If that had been a Rider they would still have thrown a flag for a major unnecessary roughing. I agree that Armour didn't know it was a Ref - My opinion is he thought he had a free shot at someone because of a push from behind. The penalty should have been a 15yrd and not an expulsion. Where we could be wrong is IF the rule book makes all unnecessary contact on an official a 25yrd and toss then If the officials stood by the belief that he didn't make an effort to not make contact - then the call is by the book. That's why they cant extol punishment beyond the game - the ref's job is to rule on the play not the intent. The League will rule I am sure there was no intent to target a ref - Armour simply tossed himself on what he thought was a rider when he believed he could get away with a hit.

Just my 2 cents after seeing multiple replays.