Good Luck boys. I'm not 100% sure we'll drop the Riders, I feel we can, but if we can't I'm hoping you guys will keep the Argos down to our level. You can count on my support if you need noise on 3 and 10.

After watching the Lions and Argo's play this could be the game that can test the Stamps. All I know is if the Argo's had a problem iwth the Lion Defense I can imagine what will happen with Calgary's. Lions offense fired on all cylinders for sure.

Yeah Toronto did seem to struggle with BC's D, so Calgary's will be a real test. However, Toronto's D shut down the best offence in the CFL for the most part in the second half last week, so this should be a very low scoring game. I'm interested to see how the Stamps' new secondary handles T.O. I gotta admit, I'm a little nervous for this one. Should be a great game either way. I'm probably in the minority here, but I love a good defensive struggle.

The argos D will be good test for Burris and the offence.
should be a good one!

I think the defences could be a wash - Calgary's is new, but really good; Toronto's is mostly intact from last year, and also strong. So I think it may come down to the offences. It pains me to say this, but I think Toronto's got the upper hand here - they've had one game already, and they're not as new. I think Calgary will push them, definitely, and it won't be a blowout - and certainly nothing like last year! But sadly, I think Toronto will come out ahead :frowning: (I'll still be there, screaming my head off for my Stamps!)

........I envision a kicking battle with Prefontaine on the losing end........special teams will also factor score will be less than 30 with Calgary getting their first W of the year........

--I have a feeling Calgary will lose this one. But if we did manage to win, that'd be awesome!! Beating the defending Grey Cup champions in our first game of the year would be a total statement to teams around the league that the Stamps are back!

I do not know about you but the Argo's offense was on this side of sucks. The Stamps will win because of Argo's lack of offense.

guaranteed stamps win this 1... if the argo's offence plays like they did on saturday... PRAISE THE LORD i mite as well hang maself

--Well there's pluses and minuses for your Argos heading into this one. On the plus side, the mighty Argos D is taking on a lesser offensive squad(I know Calgary's improved, but let's not kid ourselves here. The best O in the land resides in Vancouver). So they should be easier to shut down than the Lions were.

But on the negative side, if Toronto's O struggled that much against BC, then they're in BIG trouble against Calgary. The Stampeders D is easily better than BC's, and probably have the best front seven in all of football. As for the secondary, I'll have to see. I've heard good things so far, but nonetheless, they're mostly newbies, so you never know. I still think Toronto will win, but that's probably because I'm too scared to jinx my boys. Plus, three straight years of missing the playoffs in a league where two thirds of the teams make it is enough to make anyone at least a LITTLE negative. :wink:

Stampers7...must correct you...the best O-line does NOT reside in Vancouver. Dickenson got hammered on Saturday night (Sacked 6...maybe 7 times). I think Montreal has the best O-line. Thanks for the plug...but our O-line does not deserve that title yet!

Wow your right sportsmen. Dickenson took a pounding hope they can make some corrections. But wait until afte they play the Stamps ha ha ha

–I didnt’ say O-line, I just said O, as in their offence. Yeah you’re right, Dickenson had to run for his life. But the BC Lions have the CFL’s #1 offence, at least in my opinion.

If those Thunderstorms do hit tonight, this one will go either way.