stamps are not rolling over for BC

CALGARY -- If you had a notion that Saturday's game between the Calgary Stampeders and visiting B.C. Lions was meaningless, give your head a shake.

Oh, sure, the end result won't alter the fact that the Stampeders will finish first in the Canadian Football League's West Division and have a week off while they wait for a playoff opponent.

But if you thought it'd be a nice opportunity to rest some of the front-line players, forget it.

"I think it's very important that we go out there with all of our guns," said Calgary head coach and general manager John Hufnagel during a brief scrum with the media Monday afternoon at McMahon Stadium.

"Certainly if the game goes well and we have the opportunity (to rest some players), we'll definitely take the opportunity but, again, this team has played hard each and every game, get themselves ready to play and I don't want to see our team not fully prepared to win the football game."

In other words, the Stamps aren't thinking of breaking out any laid-back routines. The team is upbeat and riding some nice momentum as they look to add to their 12-5 record. They defeated the Lions in two previous jousts this season and a loss could give the Lions' pysche a boost.

Hufnagel would just as soon keep that door closed.

"We definitely don't want to give them any added confidence," he said. "If they happen to earn the right to play us in the Western final, hopefully they'll be coming in knowing the Stampeders have beaten them three times."

There's a 50-50 chance the Stamps could play host to the Lions in the West final as the B.C. squad will duke it out with Saskatchewan for that privilege. The Lions are tied with the Roughriders for second place at 11-6 and will know by game time Saturday if a victory will give them the opportunity to stage the West semifinal.

That's just a couple of the sidebars to the matchup between the two hottest clubs in the league, who are both 7-1 in their last eight games.

Ken-Yon Rambo, who is just three catches shy of 100 on the season, leads B.C.'s Geroy Simon by just one yard for bragging rights as the CFL's top receiver, while Calgary running back Joffrey Reynolds looks to lock up his first rushing title as he rolls in with a 95-yard cushion over Saskatchewan's Wes Cates.

In Hufnagel's mind, it's victory first and individual laurels second.

"We want them to win, we'd like to see them get those accomplishments," he conceded. "If you've worked hard all year long, you're at the top of the statistics and if you have the opportunity, ‘Hey, let's go for it.'

"But I'm sure the B.C. staff is thinking the same thing."

they just better give it 100% best effort for 60 minutes. They just better. Fans pay for it. Riders deserve it. Lions deserve it. League deserves it. Even TSN deserves it. Heaven help them if they do not.

yea right....

They won't risk their season on Burris, Reynolds, and the receiving corps getting hurt...

Expect them to play safe injury free football and who cares if BC trashes them...

I don't think so. If the key players are playing you can bet your a$$ Huffer won't accept anything less than full effort. Besides floating is how you get hurt most often.

So will Wally sit Pierce BC has made the playoffs is it worth it to get your already injured QB even more hurt. Do you think they will play Champion because they don't anything to happen to Jackson.

Calgary will play their starters until they have a nice lead and then bring in the second stringers.

Wally won't sit Pierce. This game is important to us. It could be the diff between home field for the semi, or playing in that frozen wasteland they call Regina.

Huff won't coast, but if he did, the reason why would be that the game is truly meaningless to them. They have first locked and nothing will change that.

I think it'll be more interesting to see what B.C. does. If Saskatchewan beats Toronto, then B.C. will need to win. So do they go all out and battle for that home spot, or do they take it easy and wait for round one? They've beaten the Riders in Regina before... Is the home field advantage really worth the risk of possibly wearing out your guys or seeing them get injured?

At least the Riders won;t have to worry about their starting QB getting hurt because they don't have one :lol: what a luxury!!

Yeah, and neither the Lions or Riders will have to worry much about the Stamps... Henry still has the choker label until he wins a big game. All the pressure is on HB to win in the playoffs...

But Huff and Henry will have to sit down and decide who he wants to end his season. Mo Lloyd or Cam Wake.

Riders haven't lost a western semi-final in 14 years. So my money's on Mo.

If Im Huff I start bringing in backups after the half. We owe Saskatchewan nothing, they came out all guns ablazing,
then they laid a turd. Well sit in it. LOL

Get on the Greyhound if you want to watch a playoff game.

Home field is a sizable advantage when you are talking 45,000+ screaming fans in the dome. It won't guarantee a win but, hey, that 13th man does help. A win would be big for the club as well. The revenue that comes from a home playoff game, especially considering the numbers that turn out here in BC, is a huge bump in earning for the year. I think we'll do whatever it takes to win this game.

Both teams have proven they can win in each other's building, obviously there is an advantage to hosting a home game, but I don't think it's the difference between winning and losing. Financially it's huge for whoever hosts it, it's basically at least 500k profit for the hosting team.

Home field advantage is huge especially in the playoffs, and I'm sure B.C. knows that Sask is tough to beat there. If Sask beats Toronto on Thursday expect B.C. to go all out. As for Calgary it's tough to say, but injuries are something they can't afford. So expect them to go in and play a lot of second stringers, with the occasional series for starters. Lose this game and nothing happens to Calgary lose a key player and it could mean their season. What would you do? And if there are players close to getting playing bonuses forget it.

I agree you will see them play this game like it was an exhibition game.

Calgary's biggest fear will be to meet the Riders in the West final. Watch for them to rip off the fans and the league by not taking this game too seriously. They want Lions to win so that Riders have to play in BC.

I am going to the game so if the Stamps play half heartly and don't come out fighting, it will be the last time I support them by attending non-rider games at Mcmahon Stadium.............

I am going to the game so if the Stamps play half heartly and don't come out fighting, it will be the last time I support them by attending non-rider games at Mcmahon Stadium.............
I'm sure McMahon will miss you too.

Ouch thats hope the stamps lay down then. Really stamp fans do not cre if you come or not. Leave your ego at home. There is no fear meeting the riders after all remember 42 to 5 is all you need to remember.

that maybe true but the first time in Calgary we won.
Be scared very scared
Burris will be getting some sweet chin music