Stamps and Leos 0-2

Who would have thunk?

omg ha ha ha ha < they laughed at the esks when we only beat "the peg" by 2 points , they laughed when the al's stomped my esks......... but in the end!! what a great weekend for football!!!!!! even though the esks got schooled ..the riders beat t.o . (big surprise there )....lions lose to hamilton , ha ha ha ha , & the cowtown crybabies are 0-2 & in the west basement is good omfg ha ha ha ha ha .................... :rockin: :rockin: :thup: :thup: :thup:

...I see class is still alive and well in the 'chuk...

You know, I've been seeing a few Riders fans doing quite a bit of gloating this week. Do you guys really want to be lumped in with the group of obnoxious Lions fans?

Oh, and Dave, what are you going on about? Did you forget about the 50-16 stomping already? You're hardly in a position to be ragging on other teams. At least when the Stamps were demolished by the Als and Bombers, they were able to put some points on the board at the end of the game. Can't say the same about the Eskimos.

Oh snap! Chief is in the house.

I have to be honest the Lions actually dont suprise me too much, but the Stamps sure do

I'm not overly surprised but not too pleased with how we lost the first one. I don't mind losing a game if we get out played but beating ourself is not cool.
Lets hope next week will have less than a few dozen mental errors.

Just plain weird to see these two teams 0-2 for sure. interesting.

Paraphrasing Arnold from "Different Strokes" Every team has fans whose brains are on rewind, when their mouths are on fast-forward.

Never would have dreamed both BC and Calgary starting at 0-2.

But, my expectations for this season was nothing higher than 3rd place. This is a rebuilding year. However I think Wally needs to go back to basics with his defense...Like how to tackle. My Grandson was taught the basics, go low and WRAP UP THE LEGS. What I see is Lion defenders "launching" themselves hoping to make the spectacular sportsreel hit, only to have the ball carrier side step or hop over them. Bad Bad bad basic football.

Doesn't surprise me that the Lions have struggled early but it is only 2 games into the season. I'm hoping the Lions really aren't as bad as the first 2 games. I'm sure with all the changes, it'll take the Lions a while to gel and adjust.

I still have faith in the Lions but am also realistic in my expectations.

…well, misery loves comapny so for the next few days the Lions and Stamps can share in the navel gazing to figure out what is wrong…I like our chances this week to get that first W though versus your’s Sporty and L’backer…at least we get to play at home against a TO team that according to angry argo fans have NO receivers, none, nada this ought to be a defensive cakewalk then…of course if those double blue fans are wrong and TO does in fact have receivers then the cakewalk is off, and just a regular walk could be in store…

…but you guys go to hostile territory, and although the EE running game might be in trouble they, unlike taranna, DO have receivers and a QB that can find them…

Guys, we're only two weeks into the season. It's not how you start, it's where you finish. Both Calgary and B.C. are far better teams than what they're currently showing.

...but the riders are 2-0 which, according to turkeybend and many other mellon heads, means they are a shoe-in for the grey can we argue against that?....nope, it's all over for us....

Don’t worry about the Rider nation. They always think they are on the way to the Cup this early in the season! The Riders started 6 and OHH to start last year, and where did that get them?! :wink: I never had any issues with the Rider nation until last year after they beat Calgary to go 6-0. The nonsensical chanting of 6 AND OHH after the ball game on the August long weekend in Calgary became very annoying and a joke really. You don’t win championships in July and August usually, so it was way overboard at that stage. I guess the hangover from the 2007 Grey Cup was still going on for most of those in attendance that day! Can’t wait for the Jolly Green Giants to come into town this coming August long weekend!! Henry and the boys should have their doldrums figured out by then I imagine.

Thats why Turkeybend isn't here.... he's out buying decorations for the Grey Cup Float! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: