Stamps and Leos 0-2

Who would have thunk?

If we played a 2-week season, there would be an eastern cross-over and they'd both be out.

East is 4-1 against the West. We'll see how the season develops.

Shocking beginning to the '09 season of Canadian Professional Football. I'm still picking my self off the floor after Edmonton got schooled on Thursday. Welcome to Head Coaching Mr. Hall. Is it me or is Calvillo looking better than ever this year, that guy just rocks!

I’ve said for awhile now, the east will be improved this year and likely no crossover. Somebody in the West misses the play-offs.

As long as that somebody is not us, I’m good with it. :smiley:

0-2 looks good on both of those teams. :smiley:

It's a little bit surprising right now, it may just be an example of increased parity across the league this year as well. Too early to really tell though.

Definitely to early to tell but I'm really not that surprised. BC made a lot of changes and lost some key personall. Calgary is not all that good and are bound for an implosion with the me-type characters that are on their team and weak leadership.

Dont get to carried away the season has just started the Stamps did this a few years back and came flying back, i still think they will finish 1st in the west, and i believe a west team will cross over as well as Bombers and hamilton will fight for the bottom in the east

0-2 is a shock.

I knew BC is in rebuilding mode and Third place is the expectation. I figured 1-1 after two weeks as the worst scenerio. 0-2 is just a big surprise.

Let's not be so dramatic. I'm more suprised that the Riders are 2-0. The Stamps just can't get over themselves and their new Grey Cup rings while the Lions are adjusting to a revamped roster. I am sure both situations will correct themselves and there will be a log jam at the top of the west and for the 3rd playoff spot before the season is done.

One game does NOT a season make. I look forward to when Montreal comes to Edmonton and we'll see how the Als do there.