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this game is an example of why the league gets labeled "bush" by many football fans. the broadcast is non-HD, the replays sck, the broadcast misses plays for commercials, the commentators pretend this is isnt the worst game of football ever played, the game announcers make countless excuses for terrible plays, dropped passes, fumbles, blown coverages, poor throws, missed kicks, and non-blocks. Water bottle attacks by 40 year old waterboys ....


every league has bad games ... But its games like these that makes me crave a full day of Sunday football where i can turn it off, and watch a better game.


What is stopping you?

Yeah, really. If the CFL is so terrible then why are you watching? And why do you have over 700 posts on this forum?

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dont get me wrong - i love all football and the cfl. most of you already know this ... But a lot of you constantly question as to why the CFL get labeled 'bush', or is not considered a major league. this is why.


There are plenty of sloppy boring NFL games as well. Unfortunately the CFL doesn't have all the flashy expensive glamour of the NFL to cover up terrible product on the field.

As I said, every league has bad games, but at least in the NFL you can turn the crappy game off, and watch a better one.


...well, in this league you cannot...turn it to Flip That House then...

It is interesting, only three types of people I ever hear say the CFL bush league.

First there are the Americans who don't understand the game and can't understand why it is so different and that faster and I would like to say more exciting. However, they perfer to watch games with a score of 6 to 3 and say it was exciting.

Then there are 2nd type of people the so called CFL fan, who would perfer to watch the NFL because, the players are bigger, get paid more and the teams have more money. Well, I guess that is true, but that doesn't make the CFL Bush League.

Then the third catagory, the none fans who would don't appreciate the CFL and likely don't appreciate sports in general.

Well the CFL like any sports league or sporting activity is unique. Some would argue the NASCAR is bush league when compared to F1. To me they are totally different and can't be compared.


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If it would make you feel better. The XFL, NFL, AFL, NFL europa all has blowouts too.

And if you think the commentators will talk about how bad they play in the NFL, then you are wrong. No matter the league, commentators won't tell the viewer how bad the TV is that they are currently watching.

non HD does not equal league being bush. League been fine for many decades before HD was a twinkly in somebody's groin.

It isnt the worst game ever played, nowhere close.

The broadcasters don't make it bush league. Sometimes they help and sometime they hurt the creditibility.

I believe it was a couple of years ago...TSN thought they would get new fancy graphics and sounds for CFL games. When they would do a replay it would be introduced with a loud noise (louder then the commentator) and would then flash in from a different location on the screen. From my perspective, it took away from the game. I got so cheesed off that I was likely one of many people who complained to TSN about the quality of the replays....and you know what shortly after they stopped doing it. I guess they received enough complaints. Just like Fox or whoever it was with highlighted puck, they stopped when they got enough complaints.