Stamps @ Als

This should be a good one! :smiley:

Or not. 29 net yards in the first quarter for the Stamps? I expect that out of the Lions or Bombers but not the Stamps. Time to wake up.

Just checked the score... 13-1. Whoo... Not that I'm complaining... I did pick Montreal this week. :lol:

Looks like the Al's are going to return the favor this week. Burris had the dropsies today.

Burris has to start running more and stop throwing BAD decision passes!

I suspect this is going to be a loooong day for the Stamps. Oh well my gutters need cleaning anyways :frowning:

Calgary needs a big "SKOOKUM" play to get back in this one. Lets go Stamps.

gotta put cox "one the ball" on special teams
those trick plays are murder

Montreal looking to expand their lead and does it; Calvillo with the gun, Als are rollin and now lead 23-4

Calgary is laying an egg. Wow.
Too much turkey?

Wow. 23-4 at halftime. Go Stamps! :lol: I can't see Calgary making a comeback. On to the BC/Winnipeg game! :thup:

I think Burris is literally trying to give Montreal the win. Srsly, 3 turnovers in 1 half? OUCH!

What a bad throw on Hanks part.
There's the Burris i've come to know and love lol.

Man, this week is turning out to be a complete reversal of last week, west domination to east domination.

Here's hoping the Lions can snap that trend.

30-4 Montreal in a board walk at the half.....SIGH

Can't says that I be complaining about it much :smiley: :rockin: :rockin:

Gotta love those consistent Stamps. This is why Calgary fans get so nervous going into the playoffs. They never know which team or which Henry will show up. Regardless of who has the home playoff game in the West, the Stamps fans will be extremely nervous due to the schitzophrenic Stamps. Such is the Riders advantage going into the playoffs. Yikes :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Maybe his bra is on too tight :rockin:

Show down time next week; Calgary vs Sask. :rockin: