Montreal is definitely playing a good game tonight. I picked the Stamps to win, but I wouldn't mind seeing the Als take it.

What did everyone think of the Calgary incompletion in the 1st? It looked pretty close to me. Surprised the Stamps didn't challenge.

...well, we have the benefit of instant replay and the time to watch it, surprized Higgins didnt' challenge either, but oh well...shaping up into a good game so far...

...our D which was hanging in there is now getting shredded...Payton is having a field day....if our O cannot sustain some drives in the second half this game is already decided...

why wasnt that last play on the 1 yard line. In fact, calgary should have just been given the TD after that blatant penalty.

....Cox made the right play, as much as it burns me....and no points off the kick...[sarcasm]great[sarcasm]....

It has to be in the end zone for it to go to the one yard line. As for blatant penalties, aren’t they all?
I agree Cal should have challenged…It was a catch!

...well, if Montreal can be inspired by Paytons fumble and subsequent TD then Calgary better get some of that same medicine off that last drive...

im sick of hearing about payton's dad every als game over and over.

I agree with ya there DG!

Good game so far, but wonder why the Calgary holder didn't just dive on the ball when he fumbled that snap? It was only second down. Must have thought time expired

No, I think he just panicked…a natural reaction under the circumstances. Sure, with hindsight he should have just dropped on it.

And, as an Als’ fan, let me agree with what was said above…the LESS I hear about Walter and Connie Payton for the balance of this game the happier I’ll be.

you can't expect them to NOT talk about WALTER PAYTONS only son playing the CFL. the novelty of the story will wear off in a few weeks fellas.. just wait it out :lol:

…I totally disagree with the way they are calling roughing the passer calls now…

edit.. copeland.. what a freakin' nice catch!!!


...coming back, coming back...

How many points have the Als scored in the second half this season? 1? 2?
They keep blowing it in the second half

...Garrick Jones owes Burris a steak....

Hey Red that up and down roller coaster season continues.
Is the Tom Higgins watch on again in cowtown?
As for the Als, I am afraid to say it again but it appears they are back for another year, the king of the hill?

Here's hoping.
If not for a couple of fumbles by Payton, it would have been a completely different ball game.

It was a nail biter though!