Stamps aiming to improve ahead of playoffs

CALGARY —  Though the Calgary Stampeders executed a come-from-behind 13-12 win over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, the team feels they need to better come playoffs.

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The Stampeder are the best team in the league these back 7 games

I truly admire coach Dave Dickenson's honest assessment on the Calgary Stampeders ongoing problems. The Stamps have a reputation of a tremendous tackling Defense, if this continues in the West Semi Final I doubt they can defeat the Riders. Unfortunately the Riders have the same problem as the Stamps. You cannot win football games with sub-par pro tackling. My Edmonton Elks are the worst team in the CFL, and of course there one of 3 teams missing the 2021 playoffs. :bangbang:


You do realize we're winning it all?

The Riders and Bombers - smoke and mirrors - are running scared, regardless of the lies they tell to themselves...

I really don't know how much you can read into a win or loss. Lots of practice roster players on both sides. Riders should be worried though.

Best way to improve the stamps would be sending Bo Mitchell far far away.

But thankfully DD will protect his star.

@ Hammertown_Proud : Everyone has an opinion but not everyone's opinion is all that thought provoking ! The reason is because some opinions are based on fear, anger, jealousy, lack of real knowledge etc.
The same could be said about your QB, Masoli , Or Banks (having worse season since 2017).
But when an opinion comes from a potential opponent fan I have to figure its not a suggestion as put, to help the Stamps. So what is your motivation for such a comment?

What's the motivation for all of your trolling?


@ prairiedog72: What you call trolling is what you just did. Look in the mirror before throwing out insults!

Seeing as you are one of our (many) resident experts on trolling, I shall defer to your depth of knowledge on the subject. :stuck_out_tongue:

There you go again. Personal accusations against a post that doesn’t agree with your concept of the infallible Stamps. “Fear, anger, jealousy, lack of real knowledge…”. I don’t see any of these personal characteristics in the post. But I guess that is what you do when you can’t muster up a fact based response.

You don’t even respond to the post. After the insults you then attack his team. Real mature.

@Prairiedog72: Not really a good response by reflecting back your obvious traits on one who identifies you as such. I wrote a post (not to you) but you made a response within 2 minutes of me posting it. That is a true Troll. Scanning the pages looking for a Stamp fan just to throw out insults. Is that your definition of Mature????

You certainly don’t.

In the article, Dickenson says the Stamps made a lot of errors. But they still managed to win. The Stamps and Riders have been winning, but have not played lights out football, far from it. But they have been winning a lot in the last 6 weeks. Sunday will be cold, hard to hold on to the ball, may be difficult to depend on a good passing game. Penalties, turnovers (mistakes) will be an enormously important part of the game. Points will be hard to come by and the top players, not the back ups will play a big part in the out come of the game. I picked Winnipeg and Hamilton in the Grey Cup, but the best game of the playoffs will be in Regina on Sunday. But all for naught. These two teams, regardless of the winner will be throttled in Winterpeg the following week.

Moving on from Boverrated would be the best thing for the Stamps organization.

But DD will take him down with the ship. (which is the best thing for fans of competing organizations).