Stamps Adding to Defence

With the signing of free agent DB Dwight Anderson of the TiCats. I was impressed with his play last season, which brings me to the question, what is OB doing ?

i was not, Obie is smart, this guy is the Pacman Jones that came to Canada. Obie sees this guy is a nuisance.

I agree. Don't let one game-saving interception fool you. The guy is locker room cancer.

Obie wants to build a team with players who have good character and have mental and physical toughness...Not whiners and malcontents like T. Cody and other talented players he has jettisoned so. He has said he wants guys who can play through pain and not fold their tents when going get tough.

As a Ticat fan, if the Stamps can keep Dwight focussed and he has matured a bit after leaving the team late last year, Calgary has a real talent on their hands.

It is not every day you find a cornerback who is quick enough to cover, but more importantly, one who isn't afraid to hit someone and support the run.

If he can keep his head screwed on, you Stamps fans will be very happy you signed him.

If not, and he blows up, I am sure you will have a bunch of Ticats fans on here telling you 'I told you so!'

  • paul

Nice signing, increases talent pool.

With a winning organization, and quality
coaching, should prosper.


…can someone in ticatland fill us in on what Anderson’s issues are? it just maturity?..

Not saying Anderson is... but lets get real here for a second.

Over the years I've heard and even actually seen many CFL players doing drugs. Marijuana and cocaine among other harmful and very illegal narcotics. Canada and the CFL has become a playground for American talent deemed to much of a risk for NFL clubs, whose league takes a proactive zero-tolerance stance to narcotics(Ricky Williams). It's no secret that Canada's superior strains of marijuana are highly sought after by American users.

Im sure CFL clubs are no more likely to want addicts or recreational users in the clubhouse and on their payrolls as narcotics are hardly performance enhancing. But have we done enough to prevent this from happening? Not in my opinion.

Without a stronger stance on this very issue, Canada and the CFL are tempting history to repeat itself. Does anyone remember the early 90's when the NHL's Bob Probert was caught in possession of cocaine with intent to traffic? Bob, a Canadian, was bringing (superior concentration)Coke up to Canada in his hockey bags every time his Detroit Red Wings crossed the border for a game. I have my own theories that link a certain former Rider d-lineman to the provinces largest marijuana bust in history.

Unless this league sets a harder line for its members the CFL will soon face similar embarrassment.


P.S. goodluck with the season Stamps and fans! I think Pacman Jones, Tank Johnson, Ricky Williams, Terrell Ulmer, K.D. Williams, and Lamar McGriggs deserve a shot with your club as well.


What has this got to do with this signing. Yes Pylon Greene for one!

...what a ridiculous post, sorry you had to lose brain cells to come up with this crap...

Well Red I am glad you thought so as well. That one did not even warrant a reply. But as I have been told by some rider fans nothing but a troll post for sure.

This thread should have been called 'Stamps adding to problems'.


I remember Anderson had a huge meltdown in the game against the Riders I believe, where he took a late roughing penalty and was livid on the sidelines. I think Taffe benched him the rest of the game and that was the last he played last year.

*my facts not be all right but I'm pretty sure it was him

It was Dust. Thank you.


He still was a good player though, a little maturity and perhaps learning from the experience and he's a great pick up.

We will get him to hang with Nik Lewis and he will mature him real quick. :lol:

Hanging with Nik Lewis will cause someone to mature?
Who has Nik been hanging with that he is now mature?

I believe it was a rare case of sarcasm from rw05, Arius.

Pretty sure I was being sarcastic as well...maybe not....