Stamps add national d-lineman, long snapper

CALGARY — The Calgary Stampeders have signed national defensive lineman and long snapper Tom Schnitzler and national long snapper Zach Zynomirski.

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Interesting that Calgary is loading up on long snappers. It appears Huff sees the writing on the wall. Going to be loooong season of 2 and outs so I guess it's prudent to shore up the punt team with lots of depth. He's a shrewd one that Huffer.

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Interesting how fans from other teams read a lot of doom and gloom on every move Huffnagel makes in his negotiations and signings! How disappointed again those individuals are going to be when the Season gets underway and the Stamps once again beat the pants off of their teams.

O.K. I think your new handle should be "Sheldon". You seem to have a bit of an issue recognizing sarcasm.