Stamps add four Americans on defence

CALGARY β€” The Calgary Stampeders have added four American players to their roster: Defensive linemen Kalil Morris and Qaadir Sheppard, linebacker Silas Stewart and defensive back Kobe Williams.

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Soild players in Williams and stewart. Come on cfl and start. Other teams are loading up on old cfl FA's looking for a gc for one year. while i can see stamps are look for long term success. Stampeders are gonna be a 10+ wins a season for a long time

I couldn't agree more Mike. This is what sets the Stamps apart from the others and why we are always good. Stamps bring in quality players, coach them right and turn them into solid players. Everyone else just throws money in the wind and see who they can catch during FA every year. No one can figure it out except us

Enjoy your run with Hufnagel, he is probably the best GM in the league at bringing in talent. But I would say Wpg, Sask and even Edmonton will all give your team a run for your money out west. BC should also be improved. The thing about dynasty/powerhouse teams, they eventually all fade out. You guys have also had a lot of lean years as well (β€˜49-β€˜70, β€˜72-β€˜90). A couple organizational changes, or Bo Levi reinsures his shoulder and things could tail off faster than you think.

Outside of the Argos, I don’t really see that many teams have loaded up on free agents this year. A few guys here or there but lots of teams slowly building from within. After a year off, no one really knows how teams are going to come out of the gate this year. Should be a fun season

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Man we were in rebuilding mode in 2019 and still gave sask and Winnipeg a run for there money. And bc does look like they improved. People say were gonna fall off bad when huff leaves but dave dickenson been on the sidelines with huff since 2008 i bet dave learned alot from him and thats why dave became a such good HC and huff will make him a good GM after he leaves. Then blm will be a good coach too. Stampeders winnning will go on for 20 years or so