Stamps acquire Vet Canadian Dlineman Legare

The stamps lost Canadian DT Brian Bulcke in free agency leaving a hole in the Dline rotation to go along with Canadian Corey Mace. Legare who has battled injuries of late but could be a great rotation guy to go with Mace as the starter along with Bolden or another one of the former NFLers who used the Arean League and the UFL as a hub to connect to the CFL.
It is no secret that the Stamps have the best Canadian Depth and now again with the ability to make one of the DT spot as part of the ratio just gives them more flexibility.
Hamilton also made out well with acquiring Bulck who will most likely be one of the starting DTs along with top pick Linden Gaydosh as a rotation guy at DT also should be able to use one of the DT spots as a ratio spot.
With so many Canadian DT prospects of late I suspect that using the DT spot as part of the ratio with two Canadians to go along with an import will be the way a lot of teams will be looking to go.
Edmonton had the depth with a wealth canadian DT talent of All Star, Ted Luarent and Potential all star Canadian DTs in Donny O and Eddie Steele to go along with import all star Almando Sewell. 3 of the 4 likely DTs the Esks will carry will be Canadian and very good players.