Stamps acquire P James Smith in trade w/ Riders

CALGARY — The Calgary Stampeders have acquired Global punter James Smith in a trade with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

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A Global Punter was traded from Saskatchewan to fill Calgary’s ‘immediate need’ and the best part was that neither side was dickish about it. Way to work together you two! :smiley: :+1:

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Anything to defeat Winnipeg!!! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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If anyone can find a way to economically defeat us, John Hufnagel can. His brain is so powerfully cheap that it can suck in ‘10% off’ coupons from other galaxies… preferably the ones containing an abundance of smaller dwarf stars that don’t shine quite as brightly and save lots and lots of fuel.

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I hope that the CFL FINALLY gives up on the bad Global idea in 2023.
Most of these globals are just special teamers or Australian kickers.
I don't know why giving most of the kicking jobs to Aussies, and taking them away from Canadians, is going to create a wave of international interest in the Canadian Football League.
Randy Ambrosie must have received a few too many helmet shots to the noggin in his playing career to come up with such a stupid idea.
Give it up, Swifty!

Ten years from now we’ll all feel differently.

In the meantime… you’re off course Jupiter2… you may be Lost in Space! Warning!! Bad 1960’s Sci-fi puns dead ahead!!!