i cant wait to play the stamps 4TIMES...therre a good team this year and i cant wait to play sask 4 times kinda glad that winnipeg moved to the east so the great rivals like sask and calgary can play edmonton so many tiems and have auesome battles like we always do...(except at taylor field, even when we are unstoppable we still lose there LOL

we play you 5 times this year raw… twice in pre-season and 3 times durinn the regular season, and maybe once in the playoffs , if both teams make it…

oh ok my bad...but like playing stamps first game of the season like this is great

actuallly ITS A DOUBLE HEADER WITH THEM :smiley:

It will be fun playing the Stamps on that new turf cant wait to see it.

are u telling me the cement is gone :slight_smile: :wink:

…June 17th and 24th…should be awesome stuff!!!..

for us lol:P

Dost mine eyes deceive me? Is RnR discussing the Stamps without being a troll??? :lol:

I can't wait to have no life every weekend because I'm watching football.....and the Eskies and Stamps always put on a good show.....

yep kiss the green carpet goodbye Stamps have a good playing surface.

.........Rawsnotwheverhisnameusedtobe......I'd hate for my team to spoil your summer and all........wait a second, no I wouldn't.... :stuck_out_tongue: .....

yah my new g/f and my apartment will be cfl nuts trying to build one of them fan zones but with 2,000 square feet, if i wanna build one its gonna have to be the whole apartment lol

u guys sure like to go to town on my ID name huh lol

.......I get to typing and forget what it actually is....

jmo2 noooooooooooooooooooooooo :stuck_out_tongue:

No,'ve never been a troll.....

And KK's never been incoherent, either.....


finding a good braud has made me be nicer lol

Hey, if you're gonna be sexist, at least spell it right.....she's a BROAD..... :lol:

ok my bad,,,shes actuall a realy nice yah im allowed calling her a broad

lets hope she doesnt chew up your shoes and piss on the rug like your last girlfriend raw or you will have to give her away again........:slight_smile: