Here it is as i promised, The repost in your face! This isnt for anyother calgary fans, it was a good game, this is for Stamfan, he can eat his crow now! Oh, how all the bad mouthing has a way of coming back at ya eh!

ill pass this on for ya if he doesnt see it cuz he just leves down the street from me

Lol ,his post or response from a post on the Riders section was deleted by a Moderator.

I'll bump this one up. Stampfan had the nerve to trash my Als after their win against Ottawa. Hey Stampfan, where are you now? Got anything more to say? :lol:

The kid is funny...he made me pass the time when I was waiting for the Bombers/Riders game on Sunday to start.

never again mother baish and learn my young padawa.....psst, paybacks coming Friday, but don't say anything BEFORE the game......

padawan retard. GO STAMPS GO

.......c'here so I can smack you upside the head....... :lol:

There you go redandwhite try to help a bit and he gets a little nasty.